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Justice League 2022 Annual #1

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The return of Wonder Woman! Wait, what’s that? Also, the return of…OMAC! Jack Kirby’s greatest creation, the One-Man Army Corps, returns to the DC universe just in time to team up with the reunited Justice League to stop secret forces of evil from gathering! Join Eisner Award winner Sanford Greene as he brings the legacy of the League to life leading into Justice League vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes!

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42 pages

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    The Justice League 2022 Annual came out last week and was a sort of fun, done-in-one, maybe has implications for the bigger universe, Silver Age pastiche story that I enjoyed. Sometimes I just want to have an action-packed, roller coaster ride of a story to provide me some smiles and this one did that. I don’t know if I totally understood it all. But it held together well.

    Writer Brian Michael Bendis gives us a story that Gardner Fox would be proud of. The League hears about a threat and then splits off into mini-teams to confront the villains. In this case, it is to confront the villain who is appearing from different points in their own timeline for a mission of some import. Throw in a big guest star and some good character beats and you have a story worthy of an annual.

    The art by Sanford Greene is really a revelation. Wildly energetic throughout, over-stylized when it needs to be, and big when deserving. I would love to see him on an OMAC mini-series or monthly given what I saw here. But I also think this would work for almost anything Kirby 4th world or DC Sword and Sorcery. Dazzling stuff throughout.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    Bendis is wrapping up his run on Justice League shortly, but he does have an oversized annual before he goes—and he’s got Bitter Root co-creator Sanford Greene on art to back him up on this issue. Greene is clearly the big draw here, with fun and kinetic art that’s incredibly expressive with a huge cast of characters. The plot is chaotic, more so than Bendis’ stories usually are. It all starts with a surprise party for Diana’s return, only for it to be interrupted by OMAC in search of Hawkgirl. This leads to a much bigger time-travel jaunt involving characters from around the DCU, including most pivotal the time-lord Epoch—in more than one form. There are a lot of plot elements in this issue, and that means a lot of Bendis-style exposition needed to explain everything. But there are also a lot of little details dropped through the issue, particularly about Naomi and Black Adam, that make this one of the most enjoyable issues of the run in a while – just in time for the finale, and another issue this week.

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    But Why Tho?

    Justice League Annual 2022 #1 will leave you smiling. It’s a delightful annual that features a fantastic time-based story. It feels exactly like an extended version of one of the regular Justice League issues. The events that certain League members go through may have lasting consequences, highlighting this comic’s importance. The interaction between the characters makes the issue shine as Bendis bounces the heroes off of each other. The art is stunning and fills the book with an energy that drives you to keep reading.

  • 70

    DC Comics News

    The Justice League 2022 Annual, like most of Bendis’ run has some problems. However, it is one of Bendis’ better efforts on the title so far. While it would be nice if he could maintain this higher level of quality going forward, the matter is moot considering that he will be moving on from the title. Hopefully, his Justice League Vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes miniseries will be more like this annual than his work on the main series.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    The Justice League 2022 Annual is everything I’ve come to expect from Bendis’ Justice League: a mixed bag of meh. Bendis has some interesting ideas floating around in this issue; however, they get lost in an overly convoluted script. Greene’s artwork is a strong redeeming factor for this otherwise mediocre book, as his work is undeniably stunning.

    The issue definitely gets a bump in its score for Greene’s art alone. Nevertheless, I can’t say that the book instilled within me a burning desire for Bendis’ upcoming Justice League vs. The Legion of Superheroes. So it goes.

    Be prepared to scratch your head and reread the issue.

  • 63

    Comic Watch

    Bendis’s latest Justice League entry is not completely inept; few efforts from a writer as seasoned as him will be. That said, for the amount of rising action in this issue, the end product falls far short of the mark. The final acknowledgement that this particular issue leads up to the next Justice League event means that it probably did not need to be an expensive standalone. Surely an “alpha” one-shot could have done the job while a more memorable story made up the annual?

  • 50

    The latest annual for DC’s premier super-team is the perfect encapsulation of the strengths and weaknesses of writer Brian Michael Bendis, as the long-time comic book creator has been able to come up with lofty ideas that can sometimes fall under their own weight. Bendis is able to create quiet moments that work well in exploring the dynamic of the members of the League but the giant exposition dumps that fill double-page spreads can often fall short in getting a message across. Acting as a precursor to the Justice League/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover, the annual buckles under its own weight, but has some interesting ideas along the way.

  • 45

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Wonder Woman returns to the Justice League this issue but that really doesn’t mean much and neither does the aspect of this that is supposed to play as a prelude to the Justice League Vs. Legion of Super-Heroes….. since all we get is a Gold Lantern mention. The art is okay overall but the story was a waste of time that just shows how much Bendis needs to be off this book.

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