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Justice League #73

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“Lords of Chaos” part two! The Justice League and Justice League Dark team up to navigate the remade world of chaos. All the heroes must come together to save what’s left of the world they have dedicated their lives to protecting. But has Doctor Fate gone bad? Oh no, he has.

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25 pages

10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 84

    You Don't Read Comics

    Justice League #73 is a well-paced middle chapter of a story. Bendis shines in stories where he can't meander along, and that's on full display in this issue. Kudranski and Lupacchino do a great job on the art, with Kudranski killing it. All in all, an entertaining issue.
  • 80

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Bendis crafts an entertaining story in this issue. The drama is well done. The characters are given great moments to shine in the story. The action and adventure elements are thrilling. There are some compelling moments in the plot that kept me interested in where the story was going. The Art: Each of the artists does a great job of complementing the others with art that is visually thrilling and beautifully detailed.
  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The penultimate issue of Bendis’ Justice League is one of the quintessential Bendis comics. It has a world-shattering threat—and the response is a lot of talking. That’s not to say it doesn’t work, as Bendis makes clever use of the character of Zatanna in particular as she faces off against the lost Lord of Chaos Xanadoth. This villain has been teased for a long time, but now she steps into center stage in the body of Black Adam, and both Zatanna and Madame Xanadu are no match for her. The decision to end the Justice League Dark backup before the end of the run makes sense, since this final arc is essentially a fusion between the two books and features Doctor Fate in particularly very heavily. Where it falls a little flat is in how much exposition it has to do. The summoning of a major character who mostly appears off-screen is an interesting twist, but the involvement of Naomi remains a mystery—and the outcome of her role in this issue shouldn’t have been spoiled on the cover. A decent penultimate issue, but Bendis still has a lot to tie up.
  • 80

    Justice League #73 manages to strike a balance between two of the most unique parts of the Justice League: the fights, of course, and the unusual relationship between so many different types of heroes who've come together. Naomi serves as a relatable lens for that to show what all the chaos and quips look and sound like to someone who's trying to find a suitable jumping-on point in all the mayhem. It also achieves in the final moments a clever juxtaposition of Naomi's innocence and newness coupled with the temptations of ancient powers as a tidy way to close out the issue.
  • 70

    But Why Tho?

    Justice League #73 continues the exciting arc but needs to be careful. Whilst the action and the grandiosity of the comic are accentuated by Bendis with some awe-inspiring standoffs and dialogue, it faces the danger of running out of steam early. The dependence on excessive dialogue and lengthy diatribes can kill the speed. What saves the issue is the superb art on display that can continue to maintain interest when the writing falters.
  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Justice League #73 is once again another step in the right direction. Bendis brought his A-game, delivering a compelling script with engaging plot beats and excellent character moments. The art team delivered a satisfactory issue – albeit nothing overly special. There’s only one issue left, and it’ll be interesting to see how Bendis wraps up this rather engaging arc. I hope he nails the landing. I’d grab a copy if I were you.
  • 60

    DC Comics News

    Justice League #73 looks stunning, but unfortunately the writing holds little depth. Brian Michael Bendis is an idea machine. However, he frequently is unable to do much with his good ideas. He still has one last issue left, so maybe he might be able to save this story in the conclusion. Overall, I'd rate this issue rather low, but I have to add points for the great work of the art team.
  • 50

    Lyles Movie Files

    For about half the issue, writer Brian Michael Bendis crafts a pretty decent issue until he brings the Justice League into the spotlight. Not ideal for a Justice League book. Early on, Zatanna and Madame Xanadu battle Xanadoth in the possessed Black Adam body. Bendis handles the backwards spells from Zatanna well though I don’t remember that being Xanadu’s shtick too. It’s not surprising that the bottom falls out of this issue when Bendis introduces more characters — the League — to the issue and he falls into his character overload bad habits. Trying to work in Justice League Dark is even worse. This might be the most personality-free take on Constantine ever. No worries — Bendis keeps his running “gag” that Naomi has to mention she’s new here. The new character on an veteran team is a reliable trope, but Bendis has arguably handled it the worst by literally having Naomi say she’s new every issue. This is probably because he writes every character in the same asinine sitcom style manner that her catchphrase has to be “I’m new!” Even with a studio audience laugh track it would be annoying. Xanadoth is Bendis’ standard unbeatable villain until the last minute and rescue. The artwork from Emanuela Luppachino, Syzmon Kudranski and Wade Von Grawbadger & Scott Hanna is fine although the shifts for three art teams in a 22-page book is jarring. Given the tone of the book, it might have been more visually interesting to see Kurdranski just tackle the entire issue. Kudranski provides his own colors while Hi-Fi handles the rest. Justice League has been a slog — a consistent one, but a slog all the same. Thankfully there’s just one more issue left in Bendis’ amazing effort to make this run of Justice League one of the worst.
  • 44

    Comic Watch

    This comic book is a disaster. That was always going to be a possibility given the ambition of the plot laid out by #73. Still, this effort is subpar by the standard of any Big Two comic book, let alone one with Justice League on the cover. Joshua Williamson has his work cut out for him if he means to salvage a major event from the rubble that is Bendis's year on Justice League.
  • 40

    Weird Science DC Comics

    While I thought that the previous issue of this arc was probably the best issue that this Bendis run has seen, this issue made me lose all hope for this arc in general as it goes back to normal Bendis tropes that just drag everything down. The art thankfully is still great but everything else is pretty much just nonsense.

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