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Junkyard Joe #2

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Mad Ghost’s tales of The Unnamed continue as we go from 1972 to today! Cartoonist Muddy Davis has just retired from drawing his 50-year-old “Junkyard Joe” newspaper strip. But the tragedies of Vietnam and visions of a strange robot solider that saved his life still haunt him. But dreams become reality when Joe mysteriously shows up on Muddy’s doorstep, warning us of a new and impending war.

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    Junkyard Joe #1 introduced readers to Joe and to Muddy by way of their service in Vietnam and this week, Junkyard Joe #2 brings their story to the present where it finds an elderly Muddy retiring, having built a successful career with his Junkyard Joe comic strip. But Muddy is a bitter, reclusive man living a lonely life still haunted by his memories when Joe—the thing they told him wasn’t real—shows up. The issue spends a lot of time reacquainting Joe and Muddy as well as introducing Muddy’s neighbors who are themselves dealing with loss and trauma of their own, but Johns doesn’t just bog the book down in these details. We start to get a hint at the conflict coming – particularly when some ominous figures show up looking for Joe. As written, it’s an intriguing book that feels well-paced and interesting, but where the book really shines is Gary Frank’s art. This book is just beautiful visually and there are many, many panels that say more in images than words can ever express. It is another genuinely solid entry in this new series.

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