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Junkyard Joe #1

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Throughout history, unlikely and strange heroes have risen and fallen, their identities and lives a secret. But for a Great Evil to be stopped, their stories must be told. They are The Unnamed fighting The Unknown War.

From the explosive pages of GEIGER comes JUNKYARD JOE! The world knows him as the comic strip by cartoonist Muddy Davis, but the truth stretches back to the Vietnam War. This is their story of sacrifice and brotherhood.

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    Junkyard Joe who first appeared in the back-up strips of Geiger issues, gets his own series in Junkyard Joe #1. While this spinoff series takes readers deeper into that world long before the events of Geiger, it’s a story that very much stands on its own, one that paints an unflinching look at the horrors of war, the impact of trauma, and what it means to be both human and humane.

  • 89

    Multiversity Comics

    Geoff Johns introduced a silent soldier at the beginning that is revealed later to be a robot, and despite its unknown origin or exact mission, it forms a strong bond with the unit. The relationship between the soldiers and the Robot is created when the Robot goes after the VCs that had taken out some of the guys, and the remaining soldiers realize it would be wiser to have it on their side than against them. While Johns does write these sweet scenes of the soldiers talking about their lives back home to the Robot, an inability to speak almost feels like a relationship between a pet and owner as one side does all the talking and the other is a silent listening partner. There is this I, Robot towards the end of it when the Robot goes AWOL with revenge for the fallen soldiers that feels a little unsettling, in a good way, that leaves it open to new adventures in the future.

    The artwork by Gary Frank helps brings this story to life with his balance of brutal carnage from the war to the emotions of the soldiers who, at this point in the war, are just trying to make it back home. Frank helps bring to life just how brutal war can be with a gunshot through one of the soldiers’ cheeks while trying to figure out their route.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Joe’s entire tour in Vietnam has been covered in the first issue. Johns could deploy a guy like Joe in just about any direction. Johns is also wise to dedicate the issue to actual military servicemen and women. Every cent of the profits goes to the National Coalition For Homeless Veterans in the U.S. and Veterans Aid in the U.K. So Joe may not be able to be everywhere (or really… anywhere on THIS side of the comics page), but he’s helping veterans in his own way, which is actually kind of cool.

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