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Junk Rabbit #4

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The Junk Rabbit’s hidden lair is revealed, opening the door for political and military forces to capture and expose the Rabbit’s secret identity. Meanwhile, a bloody connection between the homeless and the ultra-rich is finally ripped open.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    The dark background of Junk Rabbit finally has a complex conflict in the foreground to keep it moving. All of the concern about authorities looking for the revolutionary has been really engaging and everything, but it’s been done before so many times in the pages of so many comic books. It’s nice to see something a bit more fresh. Ashleen is one of the more interesting characters to come out of the series thus far. It’s nice to see her enhance the originality of the series, if only for a few pages.

  • 50

    A host of questions get welcome answers in Junk Rabbit #4, but the heavy exposition that comes with those answers hampers the book’s pace, especially when you see story points coming from a mile away. Jimmie Robinson delivers several standout moments in this issue, including an impactful five panel page earlier in the issue and just about any scene when Junk Rabbit is the star. Unfortunately, much of the book focuses on two separate conversations that feel drawn out considerably, and the artwork in these sections can’t keep you from noticing. One particular conversation in The Dome also just seems so arbitrary since the twist is crystal clear. Hopefully Junk Rabbit #5 can hit the ground running, but issue #4 just wasn’t clicking for me.

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