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Junior Baker The Righteous Faker #3 (of 5)

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It’s Dizzy Baker vs. Biohazard-Us!

The villainous duo holds the key to unlocking the super-secrets that Dizzy is compelled to uncover and expose to the world. But compelled by who? By what?

Plus, the mythic Ballad of the Sun King!

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42 pages
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    Illustrator Ryan Quackenbush continues a career-defining run on this limited series, demonstrating an amazing range of artistic styles as well as a savvy understanding of the power of colors, The story remains an enigma, but is starting to become a bit clearer.
  • 60


    Even with the messy nature of #3, and that my own guesses may likely be well off, I suppose I want to keep going. But not out of some desire to see what happens to Dizzy and company — no, it already feels like this rage-fueled desire to simply see this thing to the end. Is that a healthy connection to have with a book? Probably not. But is it at least indicative that this title is maybe having an effect? Sure. The only thing I do know for sure is I hope it all starts working pronto.
  • 60

    This is such a gorgeous book to look at. Not just the art itself, but the trippy, experimental layouts used from page to page make flipping through Junior Baker an experience on its own. The story itself continues to be more concerned with heady concepts than an actual mystery, though, and it makes for a more complicated read than it needs to be.

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