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Junior Baker The Righteous Faker #1 (of 5)

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MINISERIES PREMIERETHE SURPRISE SEQUEL TO 2011’s BUTCHER BAKER THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER! Meet Daniel “Dizzy” Baker, a gonzo journalist chasing superhuman stories in a world that’s left superheroes behind. Stumbling onto the ultimate story, Baker embarks on a personal vision quest where his past and his future violently collide. Created and written by JOE CASEY, with art by dynamic newcomer RYAN QUACKENBUSH. A dark journey into a surreal family legacy, each issue contains a mind-bending 30 pages of story!

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    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    The first issue of the five-issue mini-series is crazy and trippy, with spectacular storytelling. Check out my review and preview pages below.

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    This is quite the trippy read, and one that will have you thinking about your own existence more than you’re probably comfortable with. But that’s what Junior Baker Righteous Faker is all about, being open to the parts of our reality we choose to look past on a regular basis. Like its story, the comic book’s art also explores how it can break the rules, resulting in an exciting adventure whenever you flip a page.

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    I’m interested to see how this book connects back (again, if in any truly significant way) to that original three-issue run. Are we dealing with a son, brother, or other blood relative? Is Dizzy a hero who has lost his way (a la the Paul Jenkins work in Sentry)? And what kind of magic awaits our “hero” at the bottom of a liquor bottle? I think this series raises some big questions, but mostly it just sort of lays out a thing for us to explore of our own accord. Even without big trucks and explosions so far, this Baker has the potential to be just righteous enough.

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