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Joe Fixit #2 (of 5)

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Peter David’s return to one of his most iconic Hulk stories continues!

Everyone wants to know who the mysterious Joe Fixit really is, and Spider-Man is on the case (complete with location-appropriate disguises)!

Kingpin wants Las Vegas’s toughest enforcer working for him instead of the competition, and he’s prepared to make Joe Fixit an offer he can’t refuse. But Spider-Man is certain that’s still Bruce Banner under that grizzled gray exterior, and he’s not ready to let Bruce go down a path he won’t be able to come back from.

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    First Comics News

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    Comic Watch

    Joe Fixit #2 continues the conflict between the titular character and the Kingpin, while providing us a ride along experience through the eyes of our favorite wall crawler. This issue holds a ton of nostalgic fun that is bound to make readers wish that Peter David was writing a new ongoing Hulk or Spider-Man book.

  • 80

    Following last month’s faux Spider-Man issue, this sophomore outing puts some much-needed focus on the eponymous character. While this title may still be best suited for those looking for a quick hit of nostalgia, David’s story begins to even itself out here, despite continuing to follow an ensemble. Luckily Mr. Fixit gets the bulk of the spotlight when he’s quickly reverted back to his Hulked-out form, going on a tear through the casino. It’s a big popcorn book through and through as the pacing on this issue is set at a breakneck pace.

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    Multiversity Comics

    Peter David’s writing on “Joe Fixit” #2 leans into the styling of an earlier story in Marvel history. Rather than weighed down with later decades of trauma, the characters are relatively free to have a relatively simple, though dangerous time, with the conflict between the eponymous Hulk persona, Spider-Man, and the Kingpin, though seeming threatening on the surface, having an undercurrent that readers should not worry too much, and should have fun with what is being shown. The Kingpin is somewhat threatening, but not in a physical way, and the tricky, violent nature of the Hulk is treated, though serious, not so serious that it makes the time any darker overall.

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    The issue spins its wheels for the first-half, including a superfluous interaction between Peter Parker and the Kingpin (and later a more impressive Spidey punch on the big man), before setting up Fixit’s brainwashing (which it doesn’t attempt to explain) and finally giving us Spider-Man versus the Hulk which goes through final panel of this issue still yet unsettled. Fans might get a kick out of certain panels, but this feels mostly like fluff pushing out the story into more issues than needed.

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