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It's Jeff #1

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Since his very first appearance, Jeff the Land Shark has flooded our hearts like an adorable tidal wave! Now the ingenious, the extraordinary, the unbearably innocent Jeff embarks on his own adventures across the Marvel Universe! You thought it was safe doing laundry or going for a leisurely swim in the pool…but no activity can protect against Jeff’s cuteness! Collecting the hit Infinity Comics series from the Marvel Unlimited app, this one-shot features a brand-new cover and tail…we mean tale!

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    Comic Watch

    Its Jeff! #1 is the perfect read for fans of comic strips and funny books, delighting in the moments between issues of the Marvel universe. Thompson and Gurihiru capture the essentials of every Marvel character they bring to the page, often for the delivery of a great joke or bit. That combined with the stylized art and unique coloring gives this book the look of what should be everyones next favorite cartoon. Fans of this book luckily wont have to suffer and wait for more stories, as the second season of Its Jeff! is already available on Marvel Unlimited, with more issues coming soon.

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    But Why Tho?

    All of the fun and laughs of It’s Jeff! #1 is brought to life through the amazing art of Gurihiru. Jeff’s every misadventure and playful prank is made all the cuter by the artist’s light-hearted delivery of the series’ star and his numerous supporting players. How anyone could even flip through this book without finding an ear-to-ear grin spreading across their face baffles me.

    So, to sum it all up, if you need a delightful escape from the plethora of worries that daily life is insistent on pummeling us all with, you should look no further than the adorable antics that every page of It’s Jeff! #1 so wonderfully delivers.

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    Geek'd Out

    Joining Thompson is the art duo of Chifuyu Sasakiand Naoko Kawano, also known as Gurihiru. Their cute, manga-inspired style is perfect for this type of comic, providing a wide range of emotions for the titular star, while always making him look as precious as can be. Not to be outdone, their depictions of Marvels other heroes are so unique and full of personality that its regrettable they arent handling more monthly titles.If a picture is worth 1,000 words, than this one-shot is filled to the brim. Its little wonder that the digital series was nominated for an Eisner! Packed with fun cameos and adorable shenanigans,Its Jeff!is a blast that youll want to flip through again and again.

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    Graphic Policy

    This is the cutest, heckin’ comic ever from Kelly Thompson and Gurihuru. It features the silent adventures of Jeff the Landshark from West Coast Avengers and his various shenanigans with different members of the Marvel Universe. This compilation of three page stories ranging from Jeff channeling his inner Jaws at a pool party to continually stealing Captain America’s shield and especially when he uses fake backdrops to get online clout are sure to make even the most cynical comics fan crack a smile. It’s also a showcase for Gurihu’s skill as visual storytellers, and I love their takes on the different Marvel heroes, especially a perpetually exasperated Kate Bishop.

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    Multiversity Comics

    What “It’s Jeff” comes down to is one thing: Jeff the Land Shark is adorable and gets into amusing hijinks. It’s not a deep story or character exploration, but it’s cute and fun, which is exactly what we want from this comic. Between Kelly Thompson’s narrative pacing and Gurihiru’s delightful artwork, “It’s Jeff” is a fun little comic for all ages, and that’s a fine thing for a comic to be.

  • 90

    This collection of 1 to 4 page strips featuring Jeff, the adorable baby landshark and occasional ward of both Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Deadpool, from writer Kelly Thompson and cartoonist Gurihiru for Marvel Unlimited’s digital Infinity Comics is absolutely worth the physical investment. Kelly Thompson imagines a gentler vision of the Marvel universe in which all of the heroes share holidays and weekends together featuring everyone from Squirrel Girl to Tony Stark that provides a perfect setting for Jeff’s low-key hijinks. Each strip is provided with a succinct premise, like Jeff crashes Thanksgiving or livestreams a trip, that wonderfully stages a punchline. The artistic team of Gurihiru is the star of this collection, however, as it’s their depictions of the dog-like Jeff and realizations of his absurd shenanigans that make every page of the issue a charmer. For such a strange and potentially menacing creature, they ensure Jeff is terrifically expressive and capable of mimicking the postures and traits that make us adore canines. In addition to splendidly told strips, the full comics page provides plenty of space for background gags that are bound to absorb readers with nods to beloved characters. For those seeking the lighter side of Marvel Comics, It’s Jeff! is a can’t-miss collection filled with laughs and love for animals.

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    Major Spoilers

    Jeff the Land Shark is the sensational character find of 2021, and this whole issue is a showcase of his amusing and exciting adventures.Pick it up, you won’t regret it.

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