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Indigo Children #6

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Cairo. The Indigo Children finally reach their destination. But they’ll have to make it through Director Rand and an army of soldiers to make it there. The show stopping finale to the first arc of INDIGO CHILDREN is here!

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    Indigo Children’s ending lands with an empty thud befitting the entire run. About midway through the issue, a character muses that they are “leaving the realm of man and heading to the realm of gods.” It’s a telling note of transition but not one that serves the series well. Despite centering different characters in almost every issue, Curt Pires and Rockwell White never meaningfully defined these characters as individuals or managed to connect them to readers. Revealing these characters are all ancient Martians who hid their spaceship in the Great Sphinx of Giza only further distances the characters, and the lack of individualization makes the sudden and inevitable betrayal by one among them feel arbitrary. Beyond the plot, the storytelling struggles here as well. Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou emotesimpressively through lettering. However, the issue’s opening sequence vacillates between heavily stylized and completely standard speech styles, which makes it read as if the characters are alternating between emotionless droning and full-throated screaming with each sentence. Perhaps there’s some intent there — some of the art repeats, emphasizing the stoicism of at least one of the characters — but it reads no less awkwardly. Alex Diotto takes some big swings with his layouts for the action sequences in this issue, but they consistently feel like they’re falling short of what the artist was attempting to achieve. Ultimately, Indigo Children is reminiscent of Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans’ 2012 Harbinger reboot at Valiant. The seeds planted here for the coming “Indigo Awakening” suggests it’ll be a similar take on the concept of Harbinger’s follow-up series, Imperium, or the more recent House of X from Marvel Comics. I’d recommend reading any of those comics over these.

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