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In Hell We Fight! #5

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The quest to return a kidnapped angel to heaven hits a serious snag, as a demonic kidnapper wants his angel and will kill to get her back. What happens when you die in hell? You go to an even worse hell, of course!

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    The first arc of In Hell We Fight draws to a close in issue #5 with a series of convenient coincidences and reveals that were hardly even foreshadowed. There’s a notable disconnect between the triumphant panels on the page and any investment in those moments based in the story thus far. Instead, they seem to be assumed to be dramatic as many of the jokes present throughout the issue are assumed to be funny; it’s a poor assumption. The fast pacing of this climactic wrap-up against Midori’s father makes his sudden retreat and the depiction of the largest action sequence thus far all appear rushed with the artwork’s typically appealing sketchiness sometimes veering into an unfinished quality. An epilogue and other elements that hurry to make these first five issues function as a satisfying whole offers the appearance of a poorly mapped course, much like this ice cream truck’s entire journey through Hell.

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