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In Hell We Fight! #4

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Generally unfavorable ratings

Based on 2 critic ratings.

Hunted by demons, monsters, giants, and vengeance fiends, and, yet, the biggest danger they face is one another. Life in hell ain’t no walk in the park!

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30 pages
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Jok and Mey
Cover Artist

2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Crusaders

    The story is unique to say the least. There is some horror, lots of humor, and some fun action along the way. All together this is a great story that really makes you think, and issue four is no exception. The art is vibrant and works well with the story.

    The art is done by Jok, an Argentinian artist that founded his own publishing company in which 15 titles in the Argentine market were produced. In the US Jok has been published in Heavy Metal, Titan, and Image. His work can be found in England, Spain, China, Italy, and all over South America.

  • 30

    Much of In Hell We Fight #4 is dedicated to non-chronological flashes of what’s still to come, which is troublesome in a series already struggling to make its straightforward plotting compelling. As the angel takes over the narrative captions, readers are provided some portents of what the future holds thanks to her foresight, but that blunt foreshadowing isn’t terribly foreboding given the thinness of characters on display. Amidst a battle against fearsome demonic giants, there’s an abundance of expository dialogue explaining more about the nature of Hell – information that would have been useful several issues earlier and that only serves to undermine any excitement from the action packed between word balloons. There are new twists and cliffhangers to be found, but when tied to such a flimsy comedy tale that regularly fails to deliver any laughs, it’s difficult to find a thread of interest anywhere in In Hell We Fight #4.

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