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Immortal X-Men #18

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Being immortal means nothing when you’ve run out of time.

There’s no future. There’s no past. There’s no way out.

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 98

    Comic Watch

    Other endings brought forth over the course of the Fall of X event have been, unfortunately, for the most part disappointing. This one was vibrant, thrilling, and pulsing with deeply ominous life. I strongly recommend it.

  • 80


    As the entire line rushes for a hastily drawn finish line, ‘Immortal X-Men’ #18 misses the mark when it comes to the finale it deserves. Quite a few pieces feel out of place while others feel rushed, wrapped up in a story that feels correct but incomplete.

  • 80

    The final installment of Immortal X-Men #18 comes with its fair share of revelations and twists leading into Rise of the Powers of X. Mother Righteous makes her move, Destiny makes a revelation, the uneasy alliance of Professor X and Mister Sinister investigate and find half-truth answers, and the true threat is revealed. It’s a thrilling conclusion and also an inflection point on the grand Krakoan saga as varied threats seem to coalesce into one final boss looming overhead. Immortal X-Men #18 is good in its own right and will also readers eager for Krakoa’s grand finale.

  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    I think the Fall of X storyline is fascinating, and I am excited to see the shift from the Krakoa era to whatever comes next. But I would also like to see a return to the simplicity of ideas because incorporating all the plot points in this comic is overwhelming.

  • 70

    Derby Comics

    This final issue is a mixed bag. While it delivers on the Krakoa mystery front, it struggles to find balance between the larger narrative as it reaches its conclusion and the increasingly overbearing presence of Mother Righteous (if her presence could somehow get any worse). Her constant need for self-righteous commentary wore thing months ago and her presence in this issue disrupts Gillen’s narrative flow as we go between the more intriguing storyline following Xavier and Mister Sinister’s presence into grandstanding exposition from Mother Righteous.

    The twist at the end is promising, though it feels like it should have come much earlier and replaced some of the meandering plots our various main characters were caught up in.

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