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Immortal X-Men #15

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Based on 6 critic ratings.

After the Gala, we wondered – did anyone survive the experience?

Now we discover the real question: How long can anyone survive this?

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 99

    Comic Watch

    This book is brilliantly done. It’s an adventure story, a political drama, and a finely wrought character study all at once. This is astonishing art.

  • 80


    Immortal X-Men #15 is an intriguing chapter in the Fall of X era. It supplies adequate villainy, proposes a new direction for Xavier, and establishes a large group of mutants that may have hope for the future of all mutants. Now, let’s hope they can survive the experience.

  • 80

    There’s a scene in Immortal X-Men #15 where Sebastian Shaw and Selene take turns grandstanding. The scene establishes their motivations well enough – Shaw’s greed and hunger for power, Selene’s bloodlust. Despite that, it’s hard not to think about how much more interesting these motivations were when these villainous characters had to work with their enemies. Now that they’ve reverted to their typical killing and plundering, a spark is lost, but Gillen and Medina make the most of it. With Curiel’s help, the issue feels consistent with the artwork of preceding issues, with perhaps a bit more bite to the action, which fits the story as Orchis is taking the fight for the fallen paradise. Elsewhere, the faith-based story of Hope, Exodus, Destiny, and the wandering mutants in the desert begins to take on a new shape with the revelation of where they are and who is there with them. It’s two fronts of the war for Eden, fought amongst the fallen, and if this is going to be Krakoa’s last act, that’s a hell of a note to go out on.

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    Despite some pacing concerns, this is one of the stronger Fall of X titles. And I think that is just because I appreciate Kieron Gillen’s ability to explore characters within his writing. I also enjoyed not having a vast Orchis presence in this comic, and the antagonist was more man vs. nature than man versus prejudice.

  • 74

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    What I expected to get from Immortal X-Men #15 was more Xavier, more feeling, more anguish, and a man bent on revenge. Instead, readers get more weird Exodus talk, an opening sidebar about Sebastian Shaw, choppy development, more questions, and even more confusion. In terms of important books to read throughout this Fall of X, this one certainly doesn’t top the list like X-Men does. However, until Gillen can iron out the direction and purpose of this book, I’d tread lightly. Nevertheless, the characters Gillen appears to be focusing on have the potential to spark an interesting read.

    However, fans need to be given something in order to buy in on this series. Wandering a desert with no answers once a month isn’t going to be enough to keep this reviewer locked in, especially with very little action, suspense, and story development at this time. The Hellfire Gala sparked a ton of questions that need some type of answer, or at least clues to answers, before the reader’s interest begins to fade. I left the Hellfire Gala pumped for what’s to come. However, that excitement has now faded away.

  • 70


    Fall of X got a lot more confusing and stretched itself even thinner this week, even if individual issues like this one are still pretty strong.

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