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Immortal Weapons #2 (of 5)

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Her heart pumps the coldest blood imaginable…and she is host to horrors inconceivable to mortal men. The Bride of Nine Spiders is perhaps the most enigmatic of the Immortal Weapons. Discover her story here!

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    This issue could, at the very least, have worked as an effective horror story if the art had done a better job of creating the right tone. Sadly, Dan Brereton’s work is too flat and lifeless to get the job done. Where panels require dynamic angles and heavy shadow, Brereton still offers the same boring figures set against vague backdrops. Brerton doesn’t deserve all the blame, however. His work is inked by three different inkers, leading to an overall chaotic feel.

    The backup feature from Duane Swiercynski and Travel Foreman is more enjoyable, luckily. Foreman’s art is every bit as dynamic as it was on the main book, even if Swiercynski seems to be aiming a little low in Danny Rand’s current adventure. With the feature 40% over, I’m not expecting many surprises out of Danny’s hunt for a missing child. Still, it’s entertaining, and that automatically puts it one or two steps above the main portion of the issue.

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