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Immortal Sergeant #7 (of 9)

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A night in jail cools heads but breaks a burgeoning bond. Sarge throws caution and his relationship with Michael in the crapper and makes for the heart of Atlanta—alone. There, Sarge stares down the truth of the terrible mission he’s set upon.

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46 pages
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  • 80

    For as inconsistent Immortal Sergeant has been, the highs are incredibly high and much more impactful than the disastrous lows. Immortal Sergeant #7 soars as the title’s best-yet as the eponymous curmudgeon finally starts turning the corner not into a likable character, but an understandable character at the very least. The family dynamic between him and his son finally manages to show some growth and the book is so much better off because of it.

  • 60

    You Don't Read Comics

    The story seems cleverly crafted on so many levels. The art feels like…a rough thumbnail outline for the real art that Niimura isn’t ever going to deliver. And though the action and attitude feel really, really fun, the visuals are simply too empty to engage the reader in what really SHOULD be a much more immersive dramatic story. It’s a fun story, and the minimalism of Niimura’s art style IS a part of that fun, but it doesn’t suit the deeper drama of the story at all.

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