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Immortal Sergeant #6 (of 9)

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Michael continues to be a fly in Sarge’s proverbial ointment when he manages to derail his father’s investigation. Punches are thrown words are said that cannot be unsaid the bigger stick is found. Will it be Michael’s best birthday ever-or his last?

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    You Don't Read Comics

    The journey continues. And one wonders if it might not be the case that Sarge is a bit more savvy about the nature of the situation than hes letting on. Theres wisdom in his craziness that feels compelling enough to carry the series through the next couple of issues. Its a fun, well-modulated walk into earthy madness on the road. The visuals seem pleasantly erratic. A slightly tighter visual presentation would benefit the series, but the loose lines of the action keep it feeling fluid and wild.

  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Immortal Sergeant #6 reminds us of the toll fighting crime places on families. It helps us understand why police stand by each other when their actions bend the rules or break the law. What wrongs might we do if we saw villains harm the innocent daily but couldn’t intervene because of laws and regulations?

  • 60

    If only Immortal Sergeant kept this consistency up its entire run, it might be a book worth recommending. For the first time all story, Kelly gives a look into why Sergeant is the world’s biggest asshole; and even though he’s one of the most miserable comic characters ever made, at least there’s some understanding on what’s made him the way he is. On top of that, Niimura’s lineart requires a specific kind of a story, and I’m not quite sure Immortal Sergeant is that. It’s frantic at times, which matches the tone of the story yet even then, it seems to be a mismatch.

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