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Immortal Sergeant #5 (of 9)

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Sarge reveals the true intention behind his “investigation” as he and Michael cross literal and emotional borders. Val learns some hard truths about herself and her mother-in-law as Rhoda drops bombs in the backyard. Michael sort of, kind of grows a pair…sort of.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    This issue takes a bold and unapologetic look at how police relate to their families and the public. It tackles corruption within the American justice system and reminds us how the generation gap often becomes the Grand Canyon. There’s a lot wrong with James Sergeant, as the remnants of his family will readily attest. But there’s not a lot wrong with Immortal Sergeant #5.

  • 60

    In a story where Sarge has already been quite demeaning and grumpy, readers will find him at grumpiest here. The lead character of Immortal Sergeant #5 is one of the most unlikable characters you’ll read this week, with his horrid energy seeping into the characters around him. In lieu of any meaningful character development, the cast here refuses to change for the better. In fact, if any change is to be had, most of them are regressing as the title moves along.

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