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Immortal Sergeant #3 (of 9)

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Sarge and Michael head out for a night on the town. Booze and two emotionally scarred humans make for a volatile mix. Michael grows a pair and confronts Sarge, but his father is focused on something much bigger: a break in the case that’s haunted his entire career.

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    After two issues of Immortal Sergeant that have left me wondering “Why?,” I think I’ve figured it out. This comic is a manifesto for those looking for a reason to yell at clouds or the kids trampling across your lawn. The miserable only grow more tired here as the title continues to run circles around itself as it wonders what to do. Kelly and Niimura are far from replicating the magic of I Kill Giants with the story and artwork here, as this continues to feel as empty as the trees cut down to make the paper this comic is printed on.

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