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Immortal Sergeant #1 (of 9)

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Award-winning I Kill Giants storytellers Joe Kelly (Deadpool, Savage Spider-Man) and Ken Niimura (Eisner Award-winning Umami) return to yank on your heartstrings with Immortal Sergeant!

On the eve of his unwelcome retirement, Jim Sargent (aka “Sarge”) a grizzled, old-school detective, catches a break on a murder case that’s haunted him for decades.

Unfortunately, Sarge must drag his anxiety-riddled adult son, Michael, along for the ride or risk losing the lead forever.

Can this dysfunctional duo overcome their own hang-ups, blindspots, and secrets to catch a killer?

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    First Comics News

    Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura, reunite for their first series since their critically acclaimed series “I Kill Giants” as they tell the story of James Sergeant, a grizzled detective who’s days away from retirement and gets lucky when he gets a lead on a murder that’s been unsolved for decades; The story itself while charming in its own dysfunctional way moves expeditiously but does a good job in introducing the hero of this series as it has a late 80s vibe to it that makes it appealing. Kelly once again shows what a terrific writer he is due to the engaging wordplay he injects in his scripts and this one is no exception as it shows that he hasn’t lost his touch while adding his own brand of humor into this story and Niimura’s artwork meshes well with the story that Kelly is telling. For anyone who loves gritty cop stories with a comical edge to them, then I would highly recommend Immortal Sergeant.
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    Comic Watch

    James Sargent makes a big impact as a main character. He walks a fine line between ridiculous and serious (leaning more to the former than the latter), and will be quite memorable. With Immortal Sergeant #1 Casey and Niimura have created a fun, energetic, and highly original new series that you won’t want to miss.
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    Immortal Sergeant #1 is a great first issue that introduces Jim Sargent, a cop on the verge of retirement with one last case to solve.
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    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    IMMORTAL SERGEANT #1 is a quick read that left me wanting for more.
  • 70

    Graphic Policy

    A new comic from Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura!? That alone had me interested in this comic about a comic retiring and still haunted by a past case. The first issue is all set up as we get to know Det. Sgt. James Sargent as he’s about to retire after 45 years. While he comes off as the grizzled cop veteran, unfortunately he also comes off as an asshole. The issue dances around what’s to come without really diving into it, putting the full focus on Sargent. There’s potential there but with a character I hope falls victim to “last day on the beat” tropes for the police doesn’t get me pumped to read more. While I expect things will eventually get good, the start is a bit slow.
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    Capes & Tights

    Niimura’s simple sketch grayscale style artwork is a refreshing look on the pages of comics that sometimes tend to try too hard to get their story across. Although, the ultra realistic artwork some have the ability to get done is amazing as well, this sketch style is stunning in its own way. Simple, but also detailed enough to know who is who and what is going on. Immortal Sergeant #1 gives you a ton of character development for Sarge and allows you to care for this recently retired certain cop. However, the book lacks the speed needed to get the story moving forward. Not enough was told about where the comic series was going to get us hooked. We are intrigued with this lack of story movement as to find out what is going to happen and force us to purchase the second issue in the series. From the creative team and publisher to the fact it is a detective story made us open the pages in the first place. The refreshing art and wanting to find out more will have us onto issue two.
  • 60

    Nearly a decade-and-a-half after Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura created the award-winning I Kill Giants, the duo returns here with Immortal Sergeant #1. From the leap, Immortal Sergeant fails to capture the magic of Giants, instead relying on a harsh—and sometimes gross—protagonist that's supremely unlikable. While Niimura tries to make some lemonade out of the lemons of a character with his kinetic action pieces, Immortal Sergeant goes nowhere in its script, despite being oversized at 40 pages.
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    But Why Tho?

    Immortal Sergeant #1 left me with mixed impressions. While part of me is interested in finding out what Kelly and Niimura have planned for their protagonist, the thought of spending enough time with him to find out holds much of my interest in check. If gruff, moderately unlikable main characters are something that doesn't bother you, though, this story will have much more promise for you than it did me.
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    Major Spoilers

    Immortal Sergeant #1 is a great character-driven piece of fiction. It throws a lot of effort into establishing just one character and that effort pays off. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else here to really get into, with the only promise that there’s more plot coming, being found in the blurb on the back cover. This just feels like one of those comics that’s better with the rest of the series.

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