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Ice Cream Man #37

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“Flight of the Figglybumps (Death of a Cartoonist)”

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re caught up in a conflagration of candy cannons and cartoony combat! But who are the Figglybumps? And what happened to their creator?

The hit horror-adjacent anthology is back—and sadder than ever.

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    First Comics News

    In this issue, we are introduced to The Figgybumps (Think The Smurfs meets The Ewoks), a group of children’s characters who go to war in “The Flight of The Figgybumps” but pair it with the suicide of their creator, it makes for a good story that shows the dark side of cartoons and their creators. The issue once again goes back to the dark humor factor mixed in with the horror that helps keep the story balanced but after reading this issue, it’s a bit surprising that there are no revelations and the ending leaves us with more questions than answers even though we get a big ounce of honesty within this issue it’s still a satisfying read that leaves you wanting more.

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    Comic Crusaders

    All in all, even with the fact that I was almost brought to tears by the sad topics being discussed, this was a great read and one that made me reflect greatly on the nature of the suicide of my closest friend. Whether selfless or selfish, suicide is one of those things that impacts everyone in the lives of the victims.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Like the classic Twilight Zone series, the Ice Cream Man series always delivers thought-provoking stories, at times having expertly crafted twist endings. At other times (like with Ice Cream Man #37), the stories are character studies with a hint of the bizarre and terrifying. This issue is another great tale in a series filled with fantastic stories. Recommended.

  • 80

    Ice Cream Man #37 introduces the Figglybumps, a collection of innocuously adorable furry children’s characters sent to war in “The Flight of the Figglybumps.” It’s the sort of concept that could quickly grow wearisome across 20+ pages, but when contrasted with the suicide of their creator it makes for a bittersweet pairing that grounds colorful cartoons within the very real human beings who create them. While the Figglybumps portion of the story leans heavily into Ice Cream Man’s characteristic black humor with every horror countered by some cutesy dialogue or overwhelming sense of oddity, the human half is all too relatable. Dialogue between two surviving family members resembles the circular and often ungrounded reasoning that consumes survivors of a suicide. There are no grand revelations or essential truths to be found, only questions left unanswered and a counterpart story lacking a clear conclusion. It’s honest, even when the Figglybumps charge out of their trenches with marshmallow-firing guns – a sincerely unprecedented achievement.

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    This usually reliable anthology series hits a rare snag with this issue. It tries to be too cute – literally – and instead gives off a sickly-sweet vibe. Enough of one to cause diabetes.

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