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Ice Cream Man #36

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Into the belly we go…

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Ice Cream Man #36 is another magnificent issue, a bittersweet dark fantasy tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Highly recommended.

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    First Comics News

    Getting swallowed by a giant whale is a story that has been told many times but this current issue of “Ice Cream Man” takes that concept to new yet frightening heights when a local fisherman heads out to find his daughter …..who’s been swallowed by a whale but what makes this story unique in its own weird way is the journey the fisherman takes inside the whale as we get to see a fascinating look at love and grief that mixes in the abnormal landscape to the series’ mythos but be prepared for some chuckles here and there as the fisherman discovers a few people who have been trapped by this whale and the only way out Is getting a ride on his blowhole (Sounds weird when you think about it, yet alone saying it out loud); With elements of “Moby Dick” and “Pinocchio” added in for giggles, this all too familiar story presented in this issue is entertaining with the right amount of sadness that will leave us in a state of silent wonderment.

  • 90


    While this fish story operates on two levels, the one most will be drawn toward focuses on a father grieving for his daughter and what could have been. It’s a tale that – for better or worse – most of us can relate to.

  • 80

    Ice Cream Man #36 dips into a familiar legend as a fisherman seeks out the giant whale that swallowed his daughter only to discover it is much bigger on the inside. One of the great joys of following this anthology series over the years is seeing how it spins out each new premise and this issue services the mythological aspects of the series as the whale functions in the role of manifested metaphor. It builds from a relatable place of grief in the earliest pages that tie the Carroll-like journey ahead to something human. This connection between grounded emotions and fantastical landscapes offers readers plenty to consider in familiar stories and the Ice Cream Man mythos itself. The humor surrounding an appearance by a wooden puppet consistently land and depictions of various stages throughout the whale provide Morazzo with abundant material for sight gags, making Ice Cream Man #36 one of the most amusing versions of this sad story imaginable.

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