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I Hate This Place #8

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“Check this series out. You won’t regret it.” —SKTCHD

After jumping through a mysterious portal, Gabby finally gets some answers about what the hell is going on! Meanwhile, Trudy is reunited with a literal ghost from their past—and after this issue, nothing will be the same!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    I Hate This Place #8 once again goes beyond my expectations to change the game similarly as the story of Gabby, Trudy, and their bizarre ranch manages to reinvent itself while never losing sight of what truly makes it great.

  • 98

    Comic Crusaders

    “I Hate This Place” or the more aptly titled explicit version “Fuck This Place” is a story of time travel, ghosts, monsters, and romance. This story written by Kyle Starks with art by Artyom Topilin and coloring by Lee Loughridge, is a visually enticing pick for anyone looking for some magical horror in their comic archives. Issue 8 is nonetheless as thrilling as perhaps the first issue. But even with 8 issues in, reading through this feels refreshing and exhilarating.

    The art is quite impressive, it gives indie vibes very similar to books like Head Looper by Andrew MacLean, but perhaps with a darker twist. The use of shading feels very similar to books by Mike Mignola, which I greatly enjoy. One thing that makes the art in this book stand out from the aforementioned is the color. Muted pastel colors are used masterfully throughout each page, and the sketchy brushwork works so well to contrast with the big blocks of colors. Issue 8 features a wonderful use of greens for dialogue-heavy scenes and a red-yellow-orange palette for action-heavy sequences. Whilst I don’t think the (“present timeline”) humanoid character designs are anything to rave about, the monsters are simply frightening. The horned man-creature and the big spider-like monsters are absolutely stellar.

  • 90

    Lotusland Comics

    It’s another stellar issue of ‘I Hate This Place’ that takes readers on a roller coaster ride. Issue eight marks an important pivot point in the series that only deepens the characters’ motivations and tests their steely resolve. It’s also more proof that this is one of the best comics available right now.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Starks takes the story to some unexpected and intense places in this issue. I was concerned that the time travel element would take away from the grounded, haunted house world of the series, but it works in an interesting way. The plot continues to take some bold and welcome twists and turns throughout and I continue to be immersed in the journey.

    The Art: Topilin delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals are fun, intense and fully embrace the dark nature of the story and its environments.

  • 80

    I Hate This Place #7 served up a sci-fi spin in its cliffhanger and I Hate This Place #8 pays off that promise in a big and unexpected fashion. Addressing the story of the issue is difficult without spoiling a worthwhile surprise, but readers are bound to be pleased by how this new facet of horror genre tropes deepens both the mysteries beneath the farm and the characters inhabiting it. What’s twice as impressive is how economically that plot is covered in an issue that both builds the ongoing story while functioning as a discrete adventure unto itself. The brutality displayed by new threats is every bit as engrossing as what’s come before and is used to build anticipation for what’s still to come. In many ways I Hate This Place #8 serves as a turning point for the series as it provides the clearest direction of what’s still to come, and readers won’t want to look away no matter how horrific it gets.

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