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I Hate This Place #10

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BURST: “This continues to be a must-read horror series.” —Sequential Planet

Witness the thrilling, action-packed final issue of I HATE THIS PLACE to see if it concludes with the literal end of the world and massive amounts of death…or a “happy” ending for our beloved heroines.

(If we’re being honest, it could really go either way.)

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  • 100

    Nerd Initiative

    The terrifying world of monsters and ghosts is met head-on by an intensely deep relationship that refuses to falter under any circumstance. Trudy and Gabby’s final endeavor to save the world is brought to life by incredible writing and exceptional visuals to take readers into the closing events of a fantastic series.

  • 95


    It’s a story about the journey as much as the destination (kinda like love, amirite?!), and the weird and wonderful twists along the way. Because “this place” isn’t a haunted farm or anything in the world — it’s about forging happiness with what’s there. And with its many parts and interests and the like, this book gave you so much to love.

  • 90

    The finale of I Hate This Place arrives with a bittersweet mood as it means saying goodbye to I Hate This Place, a comic book series many readers have come to adore for good reason. Given the incredibly complex arrangement presented in issue #1, including ghosts, aliens, and many forms of monsters, it’s impressive how well the final issue addresses all of the series’ lingering threads. There are no pieces out of place as the apocalyptic showdown concludes, and the final few steps are every bit as gnarly as readers have come to expect. Artyom Topilin’s monsters, literal and human, are presented in terrifying fashion and the action sequences surrounding them are gripping to the end. Yet the most impressive elements of I Hate This Place continue to orbit around Gabby, Trudy, and their marriage. Even amidst so much fear, Topilin’s depiction of this loving couple is what illuminates all of the terror surrounding them with well defined emotions that speak loudly without a single word balloon. The final few pages are a testament to their dynamic and how it drove this story forward and, before the final page is turned, readers will be left with a desire to return to the very first issue. I Hate This Place #10 secures it a spot as one of 2023’s best miniseries, one bound to be fondly remembered in years to come.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    It’s been a fun journey so far, and it would be nice to see what Starks would come up with to further explore the psyches, psychologies, and personalities of a couple of survivors like Trudy and Gabby.

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