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I Hate Fairyland #6

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AND WE’RE BACK! In Fairyland, that is. Oh fluff, how are we stuck here AGAIN?! A new king calls upon a familiar face to help Gert with a big problem…which is, uh, Gert.

Eisner Award-winning writer SKOTTIE YOUNG (MIDDLEWEST, TWIG, THE ME YOU LOVE IN THE DARK) and artist BRETT BEAN (Marvel’s Rocket and Groot) return to I HATE FAIRYLAND for the beginning of a brand-new story arc!

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41 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    I Hate Fairyland #6 is bonkers, which is par for the course for the series, but it is somehow even more bonkers and more colorful than previous issues. The king is now well aware that Gert has returned so now it’s a matter of trying to get rid of her once and for while while Gert encounters a werepoodle (yes you read that right) and the past version of Gert, well she ends up tasked with the impossible: kill her future self as a way to get herself back home as armed by other versions of herself. I have no idea how this title pulls of weirder and weirder twists, but somehow it does and it really, really works this issue. This one’s great.

  • 90


    The break is over. I Hate Fairyland has returned, diving right back into the colorfully messed up world that Gert hates so much. This issue is a great one to showcase to anyone what the series does so well, balancing the absurd and the relatable so well.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    Revealed in full on the issue-ending splash page, the basic idea of the story isn’t terribly original, but Gertrude IS an interesting character, so it’s actually got a lot of potential. The Gertrude from the past is being sent to the future, and she’s not going alone. There’s a rather large group of others going with her. And they all look really familiar. What could go wrong? It’s going to be interesting to see where Young takes it, but it’s going to be a real challenge to make it work.

  • 80


    Readers with reservations about the new series can smush those feelings into a bloody pulp. Part two of “I Hate Fairyland” has everything that made the original series such a fun ride with some new twists to its storytelling. With its chaotic and often gross sense of humor, “I Hate Fairyland” is a series that continues to embrace its insanity regardless if you love it or not. You can’t deny that the creators are having a ball with such a bonkers comic book.

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