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I Am Iron Man #5 (of 5)

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An old, forgotten (SILVER AGE) foe returns.

They crave the destruction of IRON MAN and the subjugation of EARTH. To defeat them, IRON MAN seeks out help from an unusual place – a superhuman prison. Follow IRON MAN on his quest to protect EARTH as he builds a planet-protector cannon, trades brutal blows with SHE-HULK and makes a new friend along the way. This episode is set in the current era of Iron Man, is the grand finale and is a love letter to Iron Man fans.

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24 pages
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    The final issue of I Am Iron Man is easily among its best, providing a gripping tale of invention, action, and Tony Stark’s own hubris. As Tony navigates an increasingly-complex situation, Murewa Ayodele’s script not only provides room for charming banter, but for some spine-tingling reveals regarding Tony’s tech. Dotun Akande’s art is equally-excellent, particularly in the use of panel composition, and in conveying a lifetime of emotion in a single expressiveless panel of Tony’s helmet. While I Am Iron Man has now come to a close, you definitely owe it to yourself to check out the journey – or at very least, this issue.

  • 80

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