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I Am Batman #9

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As the mysterious serial killer’s motivation becomes more and more clear-as the entire city of New York finds itself divided over the repercussions of his actions-Jace begins to question more and more whether his role as Batman is helping to inspire good…or pure evil.

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26 pages
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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: This chapter provides an in depth look into the creation of Jace’s Bat Team. His growth over the past few series is palpable. And I appreciate how he is learning to take the advice of those who support him, including his family. I find the juxtaposition between Jace Fox and Bruce Wayne highly interesting. Their versions of Batman ultimately have the same needs, but their approach to community varies widely. I am excited to see how Jace’s approach to Batman impacts his new home.

    The Art: This eye-catching comic features a modern style and brilliant coloring. Although light on action, the character building is enhanced by the illustration. The attention to detail and focus on character expression and form are engaging and emotionally connective, making for a transportive experience.

  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    I Am Batman is an amazingly refreshing take on the vigilante hero. The creativity in building this new world has been encouraging. It’s just too bad Jace has to create his legacy in Batman’s shadow.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    I Am Batman #9 continues to show the evolution of the character, as he figures out his own unique approach to being Batman. It also shows his supporting cast starting to evolve into his own Bat-Family and it’s becoming clear that Ridley has a long-term plan in store for this new Dark Knight. I look forward to seeing how Jace evolves as Ridley’s story plays out.

  • 80


    A whole lot of Batman vibes are making themselves known in this book while it also does its own thing, but also finds a way to maybe do far too much of its own thing. There is a ton of potential within these pages that is just waiting to be unleashed, but hopefully not all at the same time.

  • 80


    I Am Batman is turning into a great police procedural, especially with how it navigates real-world issues like racism and corruption. On the other hand, this issue suffers a bit as it’s lots of talking and not a lot of doing, but things are heating up and should make for a great confrontation down the road.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    This is the slowest-paced issue of the book yet, but fortunately Ridley’s writing is good enough to carry it through.

  • 80

    I Am Batman continues its streak of strong issues, as Jace Fox digs deep to figure out the motivations of the serial killer he’s been tracking. I feel like the creative team is starting to find their groove here, with Jace seamlessly moving between his nighttime activities and his civilian connections to find a lead on his new nemesis. As Jace settles into New York, I feel like this comic continues to get better.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    Weird Science DC Comics

    We get some great progression into Jace’s pursuit to fulfilling his quest of being Batman of New York and some great progression in the Fox Family as a whole in their new city. I just wish that some of the detective work progression felt a bit more natural. Thankfully though, we get some great art throughout and a great cliffhanger that I can’t wait to get back to in the next issue.

  • 40


    I’ve been more than fair with I Am Batman, I think. It’s a book I’ve really wanted to succeed, and I think it’s because it has all of the pieces in place to do just that. But I think enjoying this book requires a lot of concessions: accepting a new location, completely new characters, and a new villain on top of an entirely new Batman. I am fine with every single one of these things what I’m not fine with is a book that’s afraid to accept what makes it different.

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