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I Am Batman #17

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Based on 10 critic ratings.

Following the shattering revelations of the previous issue, Jace must set aside his renewed bitterness toward his father and go save his mother.

But Jace doesn’t go it alone. Ready or not, Tiff steps up as New York’s newest hero.

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    DC Comics News

    I Am Batman #17 is a very emotional and powerful chapter in Jace’s story. But it does have me a bit worried about how the series will be resolved next issue. I do hope that this isn’t the last we see of Jace’s Batman. And hopefully Ridley will return to pen another volume.

  • 100

    Dark Knight News

    I Am Batman #17 is a very emotional and powerful chapter in Jace’s story, even if it does have me a bit worried about how the series will be resolved with just one issue to go. I do hope that this isn’t the last we see of him as Batman. Hopefully, Ridley will return to pen another volume.

  • 90


    Compelling and deeply personal, I am Batman #17 strikes the perfect balance between drama and action. This issue’s success is largely due to Ridley’s focus on tension mounting within the Fox family and thematically tying it into the action sequences. The result is powerful, as Ridley presents the reader with a relatable, fledgling Dark Knight. Christian Duce, Eduardo Pansica, and Julio Ferreira’s artwork are astounding throughout every sequence. Unfortunately, the differences in art styles between each creator are noticeable enough to take you out of the moment.

  • 80


    In the penultimate issue, ‘I Am Batman’ begins to load up the plate with a variety of plot and character moments both new and old as it prepares for some type of conclusion. Jace Fox’s history and place in the DC Universe is still being forged, and some of the elements are proving to be interesting should they be followed up on beyond this series.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    Geek Dad

    This series has some pretty tight plotting as it fleshes out the usually-unseen world of New York in the DCU, but it also tends to fall back a lot on soap opera tropes—never more so than in this issue. Last issue revealed that Tanya wasn’t Jace’s mother, and this issue finally explains that—he’s the result of an affair between Lucius and one of his employees, and the tensions have been simmering under the surface of the Fox family ever since. This also makes Jace biracial—his birth mother is Asian—and I don’t think the art does a good job of conveying that. The Fox family dynamic is in shambles, but there isn’t too much time to reflect on that, as Jace has to rescue his birth mother from the deranged conspiracy theorist Ezekiel King. Tiffany Fox gets to enter the fray in a big way this issue, and she’s probably my favorite part of the series at the moment. I’m just not sure these developments are good for the Fox family long-term.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    There’s something to Ridley’s approach of having a Batman that’s not impervious to mistakes and can actually get beaten down by goons. Of course, that makes Jace an interesting new hero not one dressed up like Batman.

    The art from Christian Duce and Eduardo Pansica & Julio Ferreria is excellent with strong layouts, action sequences and expressive character work. Rex Lokus’ color work is also impressive with good combinations that help make the character pop.

    I Am Batman feels like a book that’s starting to spiral due a needlessly cynical take on its main characters while bringing in more elements to feel just like a standard Batman book.

  • 70

    First Comics News

  • 60

    I Am Batman continues to fracture Jace’s relationship with the rest of the Fox family, as readers discover that he’s the result of an affair between Lucius and a subordinate. Jace doesn’t take the news well, especially as his birth mother is being used in a war against the Fox family. To be honest, this wasn’t the strongest issue – the drama feels overwrought and while Jace’s extreme reaction is understandable, it feels in conflict with some of the growth he’s shown during the series.

  • 50


    I think it’s really cool that this issue actually addresses some tense family dynamics, themes that relate to the real world and characters that are complex. My problem is the only reason I can actually unpack this issue is because I had to sit through so much filler and I have the patience to reread the issues that were actually relevant. So I think these characters can be talked about at length at this point (except the cops) but are people doing that? Or are they just waiting for it to be over? I know some people are genuinely into this series and I think that it’s cool that once in a while you can have an issue like this that actually rewards them for sticking to it but it’s not enough in my opinion and if you don’t want to start from the beginning I would definitely recommend avoiding this issue.

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