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Hunt for the Skinwalker #3 (of 4)

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When a mysterious benefactor offers to buy Skinwalker Ranch, Tom and Ellen can’t agree fast enough.

An investigation team is dispatched to carry out the most extensive paranormal investigation to date. Just when they think the case has gone cold and Tom might be lying… another bloody clue reinvigorates their search for the truth.

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    It’s frustrating that the story of Hunt for the Skinwalker is being “concluded” in its upcoming fourth issue, because issue #3 feels like the real launching point the series. New characters are introduced to try and make sense of all the supernatural issues plaguing the ranch and it kicks off something of a Western take on The X-Files. This is the issue that really sells you on how interesting Hunt for the Skinwalker can be, and unfortunately it’s the second-to-last chapter we’re set to receive.

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    Hunt for the Skinwalker continues to grow, quickly becoming a story that lingers with the reader long after you put the book down. An intriguing paranormal thriller that keeps you questioning throughout. Easily recommended.

  • 65


    It’s crazy to me that we’ve only got one more issue of this series. Partially because I can’t believe it’s been that many and we’re only just now at a proper impasse of sorts regarding Tom and his proof of the hell that’s plaguing this place. But also that I have no idea how the book can properly execute a meaningful ending if this is how we spent the bulk of this penultimate chapter. So we’re in for quite the ride when it comes to issue #4, and it’s my hope that it’s a lot closer to #2 then it is #1 and #3 in terms of scope and accomplishments. Otherwise, the aliens can just have the dang ranch.

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