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Hulk #14

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Titan is now in control, and his endless rage will lead to the destruction of Hulk Planet. Within the remaining fragments of the Mind Palace, Bruce Banner must reckon with the harm he has inflicted on the Hulk if either of them are to have any chance of regaining control and saving the planet but Bruce knows better than anyone that once a part of the Hulk has unlocked itself, there’s no closing that door ever again… Surprise revelations and shocking twists abound in Ryan Ottley’s mind-blowing “Hulk Planet” finale!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Excellent closing of an unmissable saga that nourishes the mythology of Huk with genius.

    Ryan achieves sequences of an immense scale, full of group fights and a lot of terror, with an organic tone and very detailed at the same time.

  • 80

    Marvel Heroes Library

    The series wraps up in a mostly satisfying fashion though I admit I’m not sure I understood all of the philosophical implications behind all the smashing and destruction. Was hoping to see more of Spaceship Hulk’s adventures and Ryan Ottley holds out the possibility, though it may manifest itself in a miniseries or two. The new writer is under no obligation to remember anything the previous creative teams have done, as has been seen quite often.

  • 75

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Hulk #14 delivers an all-out battle royale to end the troubled series on a high note. The action is certifiably Hulk-sized, (most) of the major threads get wrapped up, and the ending feels satisfying while leaving the door open for more.

  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Hulk #14 is the big finale to the series as Bruce and his allies struggle to stop the rampaging Titan. It’s evident that this comic is trying very hard to wrap up everything, and the resolution with Titan is over far too quickly. What keeps this comic alive is the epic art by Ryan Ottley who pulls double duty here as writer and artist, and the big reveal at the end provides a cool glimpse of who masterminded all of this.

  • 70


    I’m probably one of the handful of people who liked Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley’s take on Hulk. Granted, it was a nearly impossible task to follow up on the horrific masterpiece that was Immortal Hulk…so it made sense for Cates and Ottley to swing in a different direction with a science fiction route. The idea of Bruce Banner attempting to exert control over the Hulk had been done before, but never on such a wild scale. Not to mention the horrifying force that is Titan. You thought the Hulk was scary? Try a Hulk that’s more or less a living volcano.

    However, all good things must come to an end, as the old saying goes. And Hulk #14 marks the end of Starship Hulk’s journey. However, that ending feels a little too rushed. There is a lot packed into these pages, both in terms of art and story. It’s the latter that feels like it doesn’t fully click together. Not only does Ottley, who wrote and penciled the issue, have to resolve the issue of Titan, but also get Banner back to Earth and set up the status quo for the next run. All of this feels like it should have taken two to three issues to resolve instead of one, which left me feeling a bit discombobulated.


    Hulk #14 wraps up one of the more interesting takes on the Green Goliath, though it does so in a rather rapid matter. While I’m looking forward to Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Nic Klein’s take on the Hulk this June, there will always be a small part of me missing Hulk smashing his way through the stars. But if the final page is any indication, Ottley’s left a door open for creators if they want to walk through it.

  • 40

    First Comics News

  • 30

    When this “Starship Hulk” story first began, it felt like a saga that could overstay its welcome rather quickly. It stuck around entirely too long, spiraling into a mass of nonsense and unreadable action. It’s nearly impossible to tell what’s happening on any given page of this issue, though Ottley always had a near impossible task trying to tie a bow on everything that came before. Thankfully, this tale is over, and Hulk can begin a new with a (hopefully) more delicately planned direction.

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