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Hulk #11

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Based on 5 critic ratings.

Ryan Ottley both draws AND writes this action-packed page-turner that finds Hulk playing this planet’s favorite sport – the planet-busting GOD BALL!

Now that Hulk finds himself at the center of a civilization that worships him, these other Hulks are more than eager to prove their might to their god… even if that means destroying him when the game turns lethal.

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26 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Ryan achieves not only an interesting plot, he continues to illustrate the Hulk like never before, with details making him look more powerful than ever.
  • 90

    Marvel Heroes Library

    Very enjoyable issue, especially for those who exult in demonstrations of Hulk’s sheer power. And fans of the more violent type of sports, mustn’t forget them. And that crazy time enforcement agency, similar to those in multiple science fiction series, they were a hoot, if short-lived. Fun.
  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Hulk #11 picks up with Hulk getting to know the inhabitants of the gamma world by playing their favorite game “Godball”. Ryan Ottley pulls double duty here in the writing and art department with Marte Gracia on colors. While the story isn’t the most compelling, it still manages to be fun for what it is as Hulk bonds with the people of the planet while sowing the seeds for tragedy and Hulk-like catastrophe in later issues.
  • 60

    Ryan Ottley takes over writing duties on Hulk #11 and, while the issue still suffers from a sudden shift in the series' course, he delivers a fun array of sequences that essentially play out as superpowered sketch comedy from one of the most expressive cartoonists in the business. Some of the gags are reminiscent of the humor Ottley portrayed in Invincible, with plenty of homages and idiosyncratic sidelines, and these play so quickly as to be funny beyond the veil of nostalgia. The issue of Godball provides some excellent pages after the game's narration, although the overall effect of increasing power levels results in an anti-climax that doesn't even a chuckle. The presentation of so many Hulk-type figures smashing their way through a delightful day together is worth the price of admission as Hulk finds its legs with a lot of promise to be found in Ottley's future writing assignments.
  • 60

    First Comics News

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