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House of Slaughter #20

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Based on 3 critic ratings.

Bait and Nannette are cornered during the final hour, trapped in a veritable haunted house of monsters as Bait fights against impossible odds, even for him.

And if help does come… what price will Bait have to pay for revealing the Order’s secrets?

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32 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    Bait’s valiant attempts to win seem a losing cause in the pages of the SIKTC breakout series. Johns sets closes the door on this chapter with emotional writing while Cadonici and Segala echo the looming fear of repercussions for good intentions with excellent art.

  • 87

    Major Spoilers

    The more we learn about the Order in House of Slaughter #20, the more complicated it becomes. Are its long-held traditions becoming outdated or are they still vital to its mission?

  • 40

    Alabaster rolls into its final chapter with big momentum, but unfortunately the conclusion is buried by its shift to other characters and extensive dialogue. To this point the story has primarily focused on Bait and his struggles to do his job while forming personal relationships within the house, and the conclusion of issue #19 had him on the edge of death with the tension turned up to 11. That’s why it’s disappointing to see Bait not even involved with the battle, and Bait ends up as a side character in his own story. The attention moves to everyone but him, and when he is the focus, it’s often because someone else is causing him harm directly or by killing someone he cares for. By the time we get to the next part of his journey, there’s just more trauma being inflicted, and even if that wasn’t the case, the amount of dialogue taking place throughout is extensive, to the point that it starts to run together and lose its punch. The very end does tease something intriguing, but it’s not enough to overcome what’s already transpired, leading to a finale that unfortunately doesn’t stick the landing.

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