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House of Slaughter #17

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Based on 3 critic ratings.

While Bait does his best to ignore the cruelty of the children in the home with him, a monstrous assault leaves him with more questions than answers.

What does Nannette, the mysterious girl who’s been one of the only ones to show Bait kindness and keep the monsters indoors at bay, have to do with the monsters on the outside?

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32 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    The sense of tension and unease found within House of Slaughter #17 is unreal, and the mystery at the center of this story and the lead trying to uncover it are both equally as compelling. Bait is turning out to be one of the franchise’s brightest stars, and writer it’s incredible to see so much of the story conveyed through Bait’s interactions with the rest of the supporting cast without saying much of anything. Writer Sam Johns tells much of the story through the other children in the home and their reactions to Bait’s quiet demeanor, and that goes double for Bait’s Totem, which might just be one of the most unique in the series thus far. It’s a unique relationship they share, and the team of artist Letizia Cadonici and colorist Francesco Segala bring out all the little eccentricities of that relationship throughout the issue, and yet have no issue pivoting to blood filled battles that don’t feel like anything else we’ve seen before. I have so many questions and yet find myself willing to be patient to discover the answers, as it is shaping up to be more than worth the wait. If you find yourself sleeping on the series, you’re missing out on some of the best comics around.

  • 80

    First Comics News

    Bait’s presence is amazing as he steals this issue. He may not talk yet but the way he is drawn and how he acts plus how others react to him is mind-blowing. This little boy once you see him you will fear him.
    Bait is sent out on a mission and he excels at it first finding the monsters but not the monster. He is hot on its trail though.
    Bait is a boy you may like but you really should not.

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    The latest chapter of “Alabaster” keeps reader’s attention with excellent storytelling. Johns’ writing starts peeling back the layers of Bait’s character while the art team mixes in different coloring to lead the readers into the many levels of the mysterious White Mask.

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