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Hitomi #3 (of 5)

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Hitomi’s lessons under Yasuke result in a trial by fire when the mismatched warriors agree to rid a village of its “witch” problem. The pair soon learns the village hides a much darker and more evil secret than the occult…

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  • 90

    Lotusland Comics

    ‘Hitomi’ #3 furthers the adventures of Hitomi and Yasuke with thrilling results. An engrossing story with a surprising cliffhanger rewards readers with this charming and entertaining title. Grab a copy, put your feet up, and get lost in this evolving buddy action adventure series.

  • 90

    There’s an episodic nature beginning to develop in Hitomi that I really love. Rather than trying to weave some grand plot with a large cast of characters over many issues, Hitomi keeps the story focused on its two primary protagonists and their own personal arcs. While I was once merely intrigued by Hitomi for its wonderful art, it’s the storytelling that is beginning to win me over the most.

  • 89

    Comic Watch

    Hitomi #3 is a beautifully drawn entry in this tale of revenge. This small scale story continues its violent journey and begins the schism between the two main characters.

    As Hitomi and her teacher make their travels, they find a path filled with horrors that haunt the local village. When they meet one of the villagers, they are offered the opportunity to rid the evil in exchange for supplies and housing to get them along on their journey. They agree and head into the forest. The phantoms quickly capture Hitomi and her teacher and tie them up in a cavern. After negotiating their release, the teacher goes against his word and kills both of the phantoms despite Hitomi’s request. Once they return to the village, they collect their reward and prepare to continue their journey. Before they leave, Hitomi gets her first taste of violence and the issue ends with samurais entering the village demanding the teacher to return to the army.

    HS Tak’s writing is very succinct. This issue feels like a small self-contained story that is part of a larger arc. This story isn’t for everyone. It’s violence feels like the characters are destined for a tragic ending. The art, while beautiful, highlights the violence. It’s bloody and the reds fill the page.

    Isabella Mazzanti as the artist and Valentina Napolitano as the colorist make for a dynamite combo in art. The design mimicked a classical style—almost like a Japanese painting. The colors fill nicely and the line work is rough like a sketch done perfectly on its first draft. Characters feel worn and tired in their presence. The environments, backgrounds, and nature have a minimal style allowing the reader to focus on the characters and the contrast in their clothes against the green forest set pieces.

    If you have been following the Hitomi story this entry will likely feel like set pieces are beginning to fall into place for the future warrior.

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