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Hitomi #2 (of 5)

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Based on 4 critic ratings.

Hitomi urges Yasuke to leave the Sumo Circuit and join her on the Edo road where men and monsters roam wild but opportunities abound, and where she can enter her training grounds in earnest.

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31 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Lotusland Comics

    ‘Hitomi’ continues to evolve into one of the most charming comics on the market today. From characters to art, ‘Hitomi’ hits a soft spot for buddy adventures that warm the spirit and capture the imagination. A simple tale told extraordinarily well is a gift to readers that should satisfy the harshest of critics.

  • 88

    Sequential Planet

    Hitomi #1 set up a vengeance-fueled feud between Hitomi and Yasuke. Hitomi, for reasons unclear, has either moved on from or temporarily suspended this mission. I’m all for Hitomi quickly recognizing that killing a man for a mistake he made decades ago is joyless fruit –the overarching message of many stories– and Hitomi tricking Yasuke into training her to defeat him might be interesting. In either case, it feels strange that she has not acknowledged Yasuke in this regard, even if only internally.

  • 80

    Hitomi continues to build at a nice pace; Hitomi #2 is largely focused on the two main protagonists at the center of this story and their burgeoning relationship. The writing and character work from author HS Tak continues to be strong throughout and issue #2’s artwork remains a big highlight. I’m still not sure what Hitomi could be building to, but I’m still invested all the same.

  • 77

    Major Spoilers

    Hitomi #2 clicks many boxes I didn’t know I had. But I am more interested in the writing technique and concepts than the plotline itself.

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