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Hey Kids! Comics! Vol. 3: The Schlock Of The New! #4 (of 6)

After years of being kept at bay, a new generation finally scales the castle walls, only to discover the hacks have beaten a hasty retreat, leaving nothing behind them but nostalgia.

The newcomers arrive with a bill of rights. Management hands them a bill of goods.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Given Chaykin’s keen precision, it’s actually kind of surprising that he’s only made it as far as the early 1980s in the first four issues of the current series. Chaykin slices through history with an impressively deft understanding of storytelling. There are so many different stories from the history of the comics industry for Chaykin to roll through, and it would be all too easy to get lost in details. Chaykin knows to keep it simple: get into the heart of an exchange, get out of it, and get on to the next scene. Brilliant pacing.

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