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Hey Kids! Comics! Vol. 3: The Schlock Of The New! #3 (of 6)

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Threatened by ginned-up moral outrage, the money-minting luster of a decade ago long gone, four-color micro-moguls shoot themselves in the foot to hold on to what’s left.

Meanwhile, fandom takes hold hard in a generation of young enthusiasts—but with so much of what they love gone with the wind, what’s left for them?

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    You Don't Read Comics

    One wonders how easy it might be to do something really, really similar to this that DIDN’T thinly veil everyone’s identity. It might not work as well, though. Any history of the comic book industry (and there have been A LOT of them over the years) tends to focus on companies, characters, and personalities. What Chaykin is doing with this incredibly clever series is…telling history with a focus on the people. Names like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and Marvel and DC and EC are way too big. Taking away the names, the fame, and the legend allows Chaykin to focus his history on the people who built an industry that has had a profound impact on pop culture.

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