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Hexware #4 (of 6)

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Hexware’s mission continues! After unexpectedly joining forces with the Helljumpers, the android in service of the Darkest Depths is determined to get to the bottom of the conspiracy behind Jesi’s death. But the answers she gets may be worse than she ever imagined when all signs point to Kieran, Jesi’s father, as the prime suspect!

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    Hexware #4 marks the comic’s most intense installment yet, and it will leave sci-fi lovers on a high. As more details about this world’s seedy tech underbelly come to light, our heroes find themselves battling threats from every front. But in the end, a bone-chilling cliffhanger leaves one of our favorites exiled with no way home.

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    Comic Watch

    Hexware is a series that continues to mix the supernatural with the technological. A constant question of what it means to be human. This issue, #4, takes us along another step of Jesi’s journey to save her soul and keep her humanity. Only this time, she has to fight alongside those she’s been hunting!

    Tim Seeley continues to craft a world that is engaging, yet also confusing at times. It’s clear to this reviewer that the world is in the state it’s in due to the greed of the rich and the power of the few. The part that is somewhat confusing is which supernatural and religious mythos the book draws from. It appears to be all of them, if any. A bit of Abrahamic religion, some Greek and a few others sprinkled in. It’s not bad, just a little confusing. As all the monsters in this issue and the last refer clearly to a singular Hell. (…) Hexware continues to beg the question “Just what is it to be human?” Cyberpunk drenched in ghosts and monsters remains a fantastic setting for such discussion and storytelling.

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