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From creatures of the night to even more terrifying creatures of the day, HAUNTHOLOGY is an anxiety-inducing collection of 28 short stories and vignettes from the mind of JEREMY HAUN, the writer and artist behind THE BEAUTY, THE REALM, The Red Mother, The Approach and other nightmarish mindscapes. Whether exploring a claustrophobic old house full of nefarious entities or the heavy thoughts one has during the pending end of the world, this very personal project was written and drawn entirely during the COVID lockdowns.

Features an introduction by Shirley Jackson Award winning horror author NATHAN BALLINGRUD!

Select praise for HAUNTHOLOGY:

“HAUNTHOLOGY somehow manages to be deeply personal and deeply creepy and cool. JEREMY HAUN always delivers and this is no exception. I’m all in!” —JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS, Sweet Tooth)

“JEREMY HAUN is an expert craftsman at building short horror stories that dig under your skin and wriggle around there. Fans of great horror comics do not want to miss out on this deeply unsettling collection.” —JAMES TYNION IV (THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH)

“The HAUNTHOLOGY is a beautifully presented collection of splintered horrors rendered in intricately considered lines of ink. Peel away the scalp, scratch at the skull, peek inside the mind of JEREMY HAUN. I dare you.” —DECLAN SHALVEY (BOG BODIES)

“The beautiful, surreal, terrifying tales in HAUNTHOLOGY will do more than scare you. They’ll stick with you. After reading this book, you’ll be pondering the stories, waking from vivid nightmares, and looking over your shoulder for days to come.” —CULLEN BUNN (Harrow County, The Sixth Gun)

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The Covid-19 pandemic hit us hard in so many ways. After publishers halted major projects, Jeremy Haun had time on his hands. Restless and needing to create, he appealed to his inner voice for solace. Over time, ideas came to him. Hastur came first, but there would be many more. He wrote and drew as they came, with no plan in place. He struggled to cope with what they all meant, eventually realizing that they represented the struggles and hardships that we all faced during the pandemic. In a way, we’re all still there, fighting to pull ourselves free and get on with our lives. Haunthology Vol. 1 includes twenty-eight entries in what Jeremy Haun calls his Haunverse. These vignettes and short stories capture his attempt to face the horrors of that time head-on. I’ve tried to group them by themes, but readers will doubtless find that the stories speak to them differently.


    All the art in Haunthology Vol. 1 is Black & White. Haun’s linework is precise and enthralling. He rarely paints or shades except through inking. I appreciated the realism of his imagery. In Probable Moments, the writer’s creativity, and alertness to the outside world, remind us how interconnected our lives are. It reminded me of Roger Zelazny’s illustrated novel The Changeling. The Monday After Monday tackles the disconnectedness of isolation and how the pandemic seemed like the world was ending. It reminded me of the 2010 movie Monsters and H. G. Wells’ classic War Of The Worlds. By The Sea, From The Sea brought to mind Nevil Shute’s novel On The Beach and Leo’s graphic novel Aldebaran. Kit-Cat reminded me how iconic those old-fashioned black and whites were. The Arsenal speaks to how fear of civilization breaking down can lead to stockpiling food–and yes–weapons. Finally, Haun invokes the Cthulhu mythos in two stories: Shoggoth In An Alley Behind A Bar In A Small Town and Hastur. Did these stories suggest the cover?


    In Haunthology Vol. 1, Jeremy Haun struggles to cope with the pandemic that threatens to destroy everything he loves and values. These brief tales of terror grab us like Hastur’s slimy tentacles and force us to face our fears and live each day to its fullest.

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