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Haunt You To The End #2

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After a bumpy landing, the expedition splits up to explore Isla Lodo—“the most haunted place on earth.” While an away team sets out for the other side of the island, Matt Park and Callum Shah take their first risky steps into the ominous ruin of Rasmussen Manor.

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29 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 83

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Cady crafts a haunting tale filled with great tension. The mystery continues to be compelling and the characters intriguing as well. I love the secluded and isolated nature of the story and how the series is slowly building on the mystery with great character development and pacing. I really enjoy the cliffhanger the issue ends on and it definitely sparked my interest in seeing what happens next.

    The Art: Mutti crafts some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The art does a brilliant job of capturing the ethereal nature of the story as well as its haunting elements.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    The clever mixing of environmental and supernatural horror should be fun to explore in future issues of the series, but it will remain to be seen whether or not the series can get enough distance from the central ensemble to get a good look at the world that they’re exploring. The ensemble of characters IS interesting in places, but it lacks the kind of compelling dynamic that would serve the center of the series alone without something more being added in. As the central conflict begins to set in at the end of the issue, there DOES appear to be a chance that the plot will begin to balance out.

  • 77

    Major Spoilers

    The atmosphere of Haunt You to the End #2 is deeply disquieting. Exploring abandoned industrial ruins is eerie and dangerous on its own. To have something supernatural thrown into the mix makes it downright terrifying.

  • 50

    The crew settles into their home camp and routines as they begin to investigate the most haunted island on Earth in Haunt You to the End #2. The second installment does a fine job of reminding readers of who the most critical characters are and their distinct perspectives, even if none of these figures are terribly sympathetic or intriguing (besides whatever inevitable twists lie beneath the billionaire’s plot). Early signs of ghosts build tension, but the appearance of these apparitions and any hint of violence struggles to effectively evoke fear on the page. Ghosts are only identifiable because they appear like burn victims, which is unpleasant but presented in a straightforward fashion. There’s little mystery beyond the origins of the island itself as the unhappy endings of this afterlife are advertised for readers and crew alike. Much like its debut issue, Haunt You to the End #2 provides a perfectly functional ghost story, but still lacks the sort of hook that will draw readers into whatever future frights it may have planned.

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