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Harley Quinn #35

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Generally unfavorable ratings

Based on 7 critic ratings.

Freshly washed but just as emotionally messy-I’m ready to finally solve THE CASE OF WHO THE #&$@ HAS BEEN SCREWING WITH ME!!! Now I’ve just got to round up a crew of butt-kickin’ individuals to help me go kick some multidimensional space butt in time for me to come home to my beautiful Pammy! Plus, my first cousins twice removed Hannah Rose May and Leomacs tell the gut-bustin’ story of how I traveled to a lost city of dinosaurs in search of a mysterious treasure! Snap that quip!

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34 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Readers are given a lot to digest at once as things are moving faster. Harley Quinn #35 sets us up for what should prove to be an insightful start to the new year and I for one can’t wait!

  • 75

    Geek Dad

    This continues to be the most ridiculous Harley run in a long time, taking Harley and constantly interrupting her everyday life with surreal cosmic adventures.

  • 60

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Harley Quinn #35 continues Harleys multiverse story, finally revealing the true threat behind the storyline and bringing back Kevin. Much of the issue unfortunately feels padded and Im hoping were entering the final act of the story. I love seeing Harley traipsing across the multiverse, but this story is running on fumes at this point.

  • 60

    Comic Crusaders

    I’m frustrated after reading this issue because when I saw the cover art, I was excited to see a Harley Quinn story with such a cool art style. However with all of this being said, there is potential here, the art is fantastic and the major plot lines are interesting enough to keep you reading till the end, but the little things like the jokes, the amount of words per page, and the corniness of the characters are a huge turn off for me. I feel like if this was tightened a couple of screws further during the writing stage we would’ve gotten a way better story. I also still stand by my suggestion of putting both writers Tini Howard and Hannah Rose together to iron out the main storyline. To have the bonus comic overshadow the main comic is a sin, that DC should know by now. It was not my cup of tea, and given the complex plotlines of dimensional travel, same-sex relationships, and betrayals of friendship I could not imagine this being written for a child. So who this is being written for, I simply do not know. Perhaps a teenager or a young adult could enjoy this, but other than that I think this needs some work.

  • 60


    Although there’ not much story here, the character interactions are still quite fun and the issue is notable for introducing us to multiversal versions of the true loves of Harley Quinn’s life the hyenas. That only is worth the price of the comic.

  • 46

    The Batman Universe

    The story finally begins to cohere, but I remain underwhelmed by this Harley Quinn.

  • 30

    Well, at least Kevin is back. Like most of this run, Harley Quinn #35 makes very little sense, but this issue in particular that’s compounded with so much of it feeling like uneccessary padding. there’s just a lot of running in circles, random wondering who is behind what only to get to a sort of reveal of who the bad guys are, and then leaving things just in the same place as always: very little story, almost no momentum, and frighteningly little sense. The art here is also not great but mostly because there’s such an extreme use of pink tones that it’s hard to keep track of anything visually. This is just a mess of a book in a mess of a run.

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