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Harley Quinn #34

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Cleanup on aisle Earth-0! As if playing detective fer my own murder ain’t bad enough, now I’m also on janitorial and princess-babysitter duty?! I just can’t seem ta catch a dang ol’ break! Hopefully I can mop up some clues along the way and get to the bottom of who’s been out fer my precious clown blood! Plus, my childhood best friends Grace Ellis and Steve Lieber recount the true story of th’ time I got trapped inside of… a comic book!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Dark Knight News

    Harley Quinn #34 gives the promise of answers on the horizon for a lot of the plots in this arc. I look forward to seeing what “Bud” and “Lou” are really after in all this. Also, what are Lady Quark’s true intentions?

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    This continues to be the most bizarre Harley run we’ve had yet—where else can you see Bud and Lou possessed by cosmic entities? As Harley kicks the hijackers out of her beloved hyenas, they return to Lady Quark, who creates another new attempt to bring Harley under control—a powerful Harley AI that travels the multiverse targeting her counterparts. Harley is forced to align with another bizarre ally—robot detective Lux Kirby, who takes her on a trip through the multiverse to find other Harleys who have been targeted. Despite the truly bizarre plot in this issue, I did enjoy a lot of the quieter moments, including the reunion between Harley and Ivy – even if the crisis is far from over.

    The backup was bizarre in a very different way, as Grace Ellis and Steve Lieber take Harley into the comics—literally. She explores a comic about herself, going from ad pages to script pages before finally bursting out of the page itself to confront the source of her problems. It might just be the most meta comic around.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Harley Quinn #34 puts Harley in one bad situation after another, as Lady Quark tightens her grip. Watching Harley take trips to other Earths is always fun and we get a great trip to Earth-43 here, as well as the birth of a new threat and a solid cliffhanger ending.

  • 60

    Harley Quinn #34 is just weird. That is no real surprise because this whole run has frankly ben extremely weird, but there’s something nice about seeing Harley stand up for herself this issue as well as a quiet little reunion between Harley and Ivy which is what the issue really needed amid the chaos of a few too many puns and visual jokes. There’s also the bizarre introduction of Harley AI and while I’m still not sold on this story knowing what it’s doing, at least this issue was both kind of fun to read and visually fun to look at.

  • 40

    The Batman Universe

    Harley Quinn #34 is not terrible but it remains a dramatic step down from the previous run.

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