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Harley Quinn #33

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Big ears, even bigger feet, big cartoon peepers. I’d know this dame anywhere. It was me and I was dead and a dang ol’ bunny rabbit! Oh no, not again!!! As if moonlighting as a community college professor wasn’t time-consuming enough, I decide to dip my pinkie toes into the metaphysical private investigation game…all while babysitting a literal princess! Good thing I am not at all stressed out by my life.

PLUS: Get ready for a special Halloween story cooked up by my pals Gretchen Felker-Martin and Hayden Sherman that’s sure to make your skin crawl so hard it tears itself right off yer body.

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    This is a great time to jump onto the Harley Quinn series as there is a nice mix of new story arcs and reference to previous issues. If 33 is any indication of how this latest arc will kick off, there is definitely going to be an exciting experience Harley in a detective role.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    Overall, I think this run has an amazing sense of tone and Sweeney Boo’s art style is perfect for it, but the plot isn’t as strong as past runs.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Harley Quinn #33 delivers both a beginning and an end. Finally the question of what certain people wanted, who were involved with Harley ages ago, has been answered. This is a promise that I hope to see kept as the next few issues unravel what’s been sown by Tini Howard since she took over this title. I look forward to seeing you all next issue!

  • 70


    After being warned by freelance multiversal private investigator Lux Kirby, the rest of the issue deals with Harley attempting awkwardly to keep Ivy out of danger and being investigating who might want her dead leading her to the Library of War and an attack by corrupted Brother Eye minions. While my interest waned the further I got away from those first few panels, the comic does present a concept which could lead Harley into unexpected places.

  • 60

    There is a lot going on in Harley Quinn #33 and while the previous arc was a mess at best, even with so much packed in this issue’s pages, things come together so much better here. Harley finds herself dealing with someone picking off Harleys in various worlds in the multiverse so it becomes a detective mystery all jammed into Harley’s already complicated life, dished up with a side of deep introspection for Harley that shows a deep understanding of the character’s emotional core – something we haven’t seen as much of recently. Art wise, it’s loud and bright, but it works here and this just feels really refreshing. It’s solid, if messy. It’s a good read.

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