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Harley Quinn #32

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Ahoy! I’ve returned from Knight Terrors fresh-faced and well rested-Oh jeez! Looks like my new friend/interdimensional monarch who’s totally still threatening to murder my world at the drop of a hat Lady Quark is back, and she’s bearing gifts pulled straight from the deep recesses of Knight Terrors! But I got a class to teach and finals to prepare them for! Looks like we’re taking this show… on the road! Ahhh, thee children o’ da night, what terrible music they make.

Sam Maggs and Kelley Jones tell the true story of the time I got proposed to by a nasty old perv in a castle. Don’t worry, me and Ives are gonna give ’im what for!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Dark Knight News

    If I were to think of perfect issues that I’ve read over the years, ones where I’ve been gripped or haunted by the book in some form, Harley Quinn #32 would rank with the very best. I felt all of the soul of the original charm of, not only the old-school comic styles of art but also the wonderfully warm sensation of enjoyment and Dracula love with “High Stakes“.

    Treat yourself to a copy, why dont’cha?

  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Harley Quinn #32 breaks free of the Knight Terrors baggage and brings Harley’s book back on track, deepening the mystery of her multiversal powers, giving us some great moments with Lady Quark and her Warworld and introducing an intriguing new character in Lux Kirby. Recommended.

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Howard presents another humorous and action filled chapter in this series. I like seeing Harley interact with both her students and friends in a compassionate and healthy manner. She is at her best when she is living up to her potential as a good guy. The plotline is interesting. As she discovers more about her multiverse bending powers, its connections to her emotional state is explored, and I find myself captivated by how this is being presented. I am curious to know more about Queen Tashana as well as the role the Hyena’s really play in Harley’s life. I hope the next chapter is filled with more reveals.

    The B Story was a fun horror story with a quirky twist. Just as in the previous issue, this brief narrative is presented as one of Harley’s dreams. I thought this tale did a good job of describing Harley’s love relationships with both the Joker and Poison Ivy, and I look forward to more of these snippets.

    The Art: Although two very different artistic styles are represented, each collection of illustrations compliment their respective stories. The A Story uses bold colors and youthful, modern artwork to enhance the multiverse experience, while a more subdued, traditional design to convey a nightmare like feeling.

  • 86

    Comic Watch

    From the bright colors to the entertaining story, this issue was a fun read. It may take a little bit for someone new to get into it, but it’s worth checking out. I look forward to see what Howard and Boo have planned for this series going forward.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    This is a suitably absurd story, especially with the twist of what happens when these curious students encounter the knowledge of the far future, but it does drag a little whenever Lady Quark starts talking. Overall, it’s a fun take on the character but some bits work a lot better than others.

  • 60

    Maybe it’s because this issue is coming after the hot mess that was Knight Terrors, but somehow Harley Quinn #32 is not bad. Lady Quark returns and while things tie to Knight Terrors, there feels like some actual sense of plot as it ties things up and transitions things into another adventure (if you can call it that) for Harley. Things are still a bit chaotic and messy and at times hard to read and keep up with, but this at least feels like it makes sense and builds on what happened in “Knight Terrors” as opposed to just leaves it as some weird thing that half-happened.

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