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Hallows' Eve #5 (of 5)

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Hellfire Gala Variant Cover by BENGAL Hallows’ Eve is backed into a corner as her masks are used against her! With the playing field evened out, it all comes down to a battle of wit and will. Will Eve come out alive?

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    Hallows’ Eve #5 concludes the anti-heroine’s first solo outing, but also makes it clear why she’ll be returning in both an upcoming annual and one-shot. Her showdown with goons armed by the many magical masks in her bag provides the biggest display of this colorful powerset in the entire series before delivering a final showdown with Maxine Danger. The shape of the plot is familiar, but it provides every element well and carves out space for a few surprises by the end. Janine’s victim from the very first issue (i.e. the guard-turned-werewolf) is given plenty of space to experience their own story that enhances Janine’s own perspective and development; minor characters are provided the space they need to appear human in a familiar pattern for figures like Janine Godbe. Her development from villain to antihero is earned in the climax of this adventure and sets the stage for much more fun to come with writer Erica Schultz.

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