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Hallows' Eve #3 (of 5)

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    Janine Godby channels classic Peter Parker vibes as she crosses paths with Spider-Man – she’s down on her luck and trying to do the right thing, but perceived as a menace by almost everyone around her. It’s a well constructed element of irony that provides readers with a clearer perspective on this ex-con with powers essentially straight from Hell as a hero in the classic Marvel mold. Her ongoing exploits to save the life of a man she put in harm’s way remain compelling because of their limited scope and scale. Even with Beyond Corp. and the police both causing problems, it’s the story of one woman’s heroic quest to put things right with another human being; that resonates with me as a reader who grew up adoring old issues of Amazing Spider-Man. The ongoing portrayal of quick identity switches remains impressive, especially as the panels do more to inform readers about the various masks and their powers as opposed to Janine’s narration. Hallows’ Eve remains an unexpected treat with plenty of tricks still up its sleeve.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Hallows’ Eve #3 ramps up the energy of the series. The issue keeps its foot on the throttle for so long, practically flinging Janine from one tense confrontation to the next. As her plans get more daring and the situations get more dangerous, the book slowly raises her to be able to deal with them. The growth and development are gradual but noticeable. And whilst the story loses some of its real power by the end of the issue, this great cast is what keeps it interesting.

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