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Hack Slash: Back To School #2 (of 4)

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Cassie Hack has gone back to school… slasher-hunting school!

Meet Darla, an ex-scream queen dedicated to turning young girls into Killer Killing Machines by way of the mysterious Agency – and she’s just in time as a host of internet slashers attack!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Hack/Slash: Back to School #2 is another fantastic issue, bone-chilling from beginning to end. We learn more about Hunters for Hire & Darla Ritzs Academy for Girls, Darla Ritz herself, and Boo continues to be one of the best supporting characters in a book Ive seen in a long time. Highly Recommended.
  • 100

    A prevailing motif of Zoe Thorogood's comic work that makes her one of the most exciting creators to read is that she's not too precious about sticking to form. Her experimentation with style and storytelling continues in the second issue of Hack/Slash: Back to School, delivering a story that features not only her own signature style but fully evoking Junji Ito, 8-bit indie video games, and that classic Hack/Slash sex appeal. If you were worried that Thorogood tackling a comic book tentpole would cause her to shy away from what we love about her writing and artwork, hopefully this issue reveals there was no reason to be afraid. Hack/Slash as a franchise has never felt more fresh than it does here.
  • 100

    Lotusland Comics

    Zoe Thorogood has quickly put her stamp on 'Hack/Slash: Back to School.' Her distinctive art style, inventive designs, and wit have made this series a must-buy.
  • 100


    From the mind that brought youIts Lonely at the Center of the Earth,Writer/Artist Zoe Thorogood continues to deliver nail biting stories that capture the attention of my ADHD riddled brain. Now she's taking on the world of Hack/Slash created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli. From her artistic talents to her writing style, she kept me wrapped around the pages, never ready for what came next.I couldn't be more excited to see what comes out of a fellow Zoes twisted, colorful mind. Keep an eye out for this series!
  • 100


    Zoe Thorogood manages to top the thrilling debut issue of Hack/Slash with a new adventure that's bloody, chaotic, and artistically mesmerizing.
  • 95


    Hack/Slash: Back to School‘s second issue improves on its already strong first. I’m excited to see what Thorogood will do with the mini’s back half.
  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    In conclusion, this is just a fun story to read. It has unexpected turns, and a lot of lore to follow. The art is able to deliver some great moments, and if you’re a fan of horror and comedy (think Shaun of the Dead) then this could be right up your alley.
  • 70

    Graham Crackers Comics

    Zoe Thorogood’s take on Hack/Slash is both gruesome and interesting. From the dreams of the chainsaw wielding former B-movie actress to the weird cut’em in half vertically Frogboy killer, there is a lot of good stuff here. This, of course, assumes that you are either big fans of Hack/Slash or psycho killers in general. If not, this stuff is a little… well… gross. Luckily, I happen to like both. And with Zoe pulling double duty as writer and artist, she’s got a lot on her shoulders. But she handles both well and her Frogboy tale is complex and will to be closely read to get it all.

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