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GunSlinger Spawn #9

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Gunslinger is on the hunt for someone from his past. A person dear to his heart—but also a person who wants him DEAD!

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    DC Comics News

    Issue #9 sharpens the storyline between The Scorched and Gunslinger Spawn. It also provides us some context as to Javi’s past and his motivation – LOVE. McFarlane is trickling out this story and why not…this has to be one of the best selling books out there right now. Booth’s pencils are on fire…can he draw more comics please? I cannot imagine someone not having this diamond on their shelf!

  • 100

    Get Your Comic On

    In this issue we see the unlikely pairing of She-Spawn and Gunslinger Spawn as they form an unlikely alliance to go to see Spawn. This unlikely united front has the chemistry and spark to have the potential to become something solid which in turn would link nicely into The Scorched story arc.

    The meeting between Spawn and Gunslinger doesn’t quite go to plan as tensions rise and differences are laid out between the two hellspawn unfolding in some epic fight scenes. Gunslinger is desperate for answers and hopefully he can work together with She-Spawn and Spawn to get the answers he needs, but from reading this issue it certainly won’t be straight forward.

    Todd McFarlane continues to pour all his creative prowess into this story arc and it shows having such a writing heavyweight behind the story the book continues to go from strength to strength, each issue blows my mind and leaves me gasping for more it’s so perfectly written.

    The art is once again in the hands of Brett Booth who supplies some of the best art I have seen in comics, each panel is so intricately detailed your eyes are just stuck on each page, the detail of the characters is nothing short of beautiful and deserves to be framed.

  • 80

    Gunslinger Spawn is at its best when Todd allows it to explore the titular character’s backstory and what separates him from all of the other symbiote clad fighters that populate this world. Luckily we get some of that here, making this a solid issue until it’s forced to fold itself into the largest continuity. Brett Booth continues to embody the style of Spawn artwork that long-time readers are always eager to see, delivering crisp lines and wild splash pages where every link of a chain and every flush of a big red cape seems eager and angry.

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