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GunSlinger Spawn #8

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As Gunslinger comes to terms with his new life in the present day, a revelation from his past will threaten to destroy his future.

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    DC Comics News

    Issue #8 sharpens the storyline between The Scorched and Gunslinger Spawn. It also provides us some context as to Javi’s past and his motivation.

    McFarlane is trickling out this story and why not…this has to be one of the best selling books out there right now. Booth’s pencils are on fire…can he draw more comics please?

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    Get Your Comic On

    In this issue we see Gunslinger Spawn and She Spawn just laid talking on a grassey hill in their human form, Gunslinger is struggling to come to terms with the fact they are now in modern day times, he needs to get to Spawn but as expected the path isn’t straight forward as he encounters a being from his past one that he thought was left well and truly behind posing as a human but Gunslinger sees behind the façade and with that an epic fight ensues.

    Gunslinger asks the question why is he easy to track? Maybe this is a question for Spawn but he needs to find out and pronto, but an interesting invitation may be a better solution.

    Once again Todd McFarlane has supplied a story that captivates from the first sentence, each book I’ve read of his has been in one sitting, once you begin reading the word around you just doesn’t matter you are instantly transported into the Spawn universe and taken on a mesmerising journey that you don’t want to stop.

    Brett Booth has this time kept with the usual and almost trademark Spawn style when it comes to illustrations but this issue feels more realism has gone into the detail as it looks more defined and intricate, each page built the excitement levels further leaving me begging for the next issue.

    A series that can’t be faulted, each issue is a top mark production and definitely one of my favourite Spawn characters, I literally am excited to see how this arc progresses further, a definite must read for any Spawn fans.

  • 80

    McFarlane and Booth have crafted what is probably the best issue of this series to date with Gunslinger Spawn #8, which is to say that it will really impress franchise fans and likely not make any new ones. Structured in that classic back-and-forth dynamic that Todd loves, Booth gets the chance to show off his ability at capturing action beats throughout while also giving us all the details of a quiet dialogue scene that holds the entire issue together. It’s frankly a miracle that a comic that feels so stuck in the mid-1990s is as readable and fun as Gunslinger Spawn.

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