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GunSlinger Spawn #7

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Dealing with the aftermath of the savage battle against the new Clown and Dakota, Gunslinger finds himself on the run yet again—this time from a mysterious new enemy!

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    DC Comics News

    Issue #7 arguably puts the current Scorched and Spawn timelines at risk in terms of Javi searching for Al Simmons. However, we are in the infancy of reading a book that is going to be around for a LONG LONG time! To borrow a phrase from long ago… Make Mine Image… Make Mine All Things Spawn!
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    Get Your Comic On

    In this issue we see Gunslinger at probably his lowest, the effects of battling with Clown and Dakota he returns to the place where he kept his weapon stash and trusty motorbike but with this being Gunslinger Spawn you just know there will be no time for Gunslinger to rest on his laurels, what at first looks like a friendly reunion with his wolf friends turns into a physical nightmare for Gunslinger thanks to the introduction of another new enemy, could this be a fight too much for Gunslinger? When you see that Todd McFarlane is the writer of a Spawn series you just know that you’re in for a good one, no one knows the world better than the man who created it and it shows, Gunslinger Spawn as a series is just getting better and better rapidly becoming my favourite from the multiverse. The book basically runs through all the emotions bringing a multi dimensional story to readers that will have any Spawn fan hooked. Brett Booth is back again with the illustrations bringing his personal touch to the artwork, a hard hitting and gritty style which is what regular Spawn readers come to expect. If this is used as the benchmark for future titles then we are definitely in for a treat. Once again a full marks comic in series that continues to grow with each issue, in a multiverse containing so many strong characters Gunslinger stands head and shoulders above the rest.
  • 60

    Todd McFarlane and Brett Booth's latest feels like a proper throwback to the earliest pages of Spawn, for better and worse. Does Gunslinger fight a giant werewolf in a stunning splash page by Booth? Yes. Does every woman he encounters have a sultry disposition and eager to sleep with him? Also, yes. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have… nearly every issue of a Spawn comic. Longtime fans will have a lot of boxes checked by what's going on here, which continues to feature some of the best art of all the titles, but newcomers will be left wondering, "what year is it?" and "is that it?

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